FFT Insider: Olympic Legend Jenny Thompson

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Olympic legend Jenny Thompson joins Brett Hawke for this episode of Fitter and Faster Insider!  Jenny won 12 Olympic medals (8 gold) and is the most decorated female swimmer in Olympic history!  Her success did not stop there, as she is now an anesthesiologist and a mother.

Jenny talks with McKendree University Head Coach Jimmy Tierney and Freso State University Head Coach Jeanne Fleck about her development as an age group swimmer, balancing elite swimming and academics at Stanford, and her lengthy Olympic career.  You don’t want to miss this #FFTLive interview!


  • 2:40 Where are you calling from today?
  • 3:36 What is your favorite relay anchor leg ever?
  • 8:00 Did you ever think of training for other events before the 50 was added to the Olympics?
  • 10:43 How did your age-group swimming environment produce so many talented swimmers?
  • 13:25 Why and how did you choose Stanford for school?
  • 17:56 Did your coach cultivate the atmosphere on your team?
  • 19:00 How did you balance swimming and school at such a high level?
  • 21:40 How long of a break did you take from swimming?
  • 28:59 Was pressure something that got to you?
  • 30:58 Did you enjoy being a professional swimmer?
  • 32:58 Who was your biggest rival in America?
  • 33:38 What did you do mentally to get yourself ready for big races?
  • 35:44 Did you ever hit a plateau and how did you overcome it?
  • 36:45 How do masks help prevent spreading the virus?
  • 40:52 Do your kids know that you were a superstar athlete?
  • 41:48 How did you handle the pressure for being number one?
  • 44:03 Were you always a sprint freestyler?
  • 45:46 Where are your Olympic medals?
  • 46:20 Who is your most influential teammate or coach?
  • 47:47 Is there any moment that stands out in your career as your favorite?
  • 49:30 What is Jenny Thompson NOT good at?

Recorded: Tuesday April 28, 2020 @ 1pm EST
Suggested Audience: Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches

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