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Coaches Corner: Watching Your Well Being

(Monday, August 3 @ 3pm EST)

Suggested audience


Led by:

Coaches Corner Host Mike Murray and Olympian Sam Livingstone

Join Mike Murray and Samantha Arsenault Livingstone as they discuss strategies for parents, athletes, and coaches to be more cognizant of their mental & emotional health throughout their unique journey in the sport. Samantha is a former United States Olympic Team member and Gold medalist and has made it her life goal to share her story and teach swimmers how to handle the many trials and tribulations of development in their careers. This webinar is an opportunity to learn how to create the space you need to develop the confidence to face all of the challenges throughout your swimming life!

Fitter & Faster Insider: Jeremy Linn & Mike Murray, College Recruiting in Times of Covid-19

(Tuesday, August 4 @ 3pm EST)

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Led by:

Show Host Mike Murray and Olympic Gold Medalist Jeremy Linn

Welcome to the return of our FFT Live programming with a new show this week co-hosted by Jeremy Linn and Mike Murray.

These coaches share many years of guiding athletes to successful careers in collegiate swimming and have both guided athletes to the US National and Jr. National Teams. Our show will take a deep dive into the complexities of the college recruiting process in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mike & Jeremy will share their ideas, strategies, and advice for guiding your swimmers to the NCAA. We’re looking forward to helping coaches develop and plan and execute for their athletes.

Your club’s parents will thank you for attending this webinar!

Coaches Corner: From Age Grouper to Olympian, Patience with The Process of Development

(Thursday, August 13 @ 3pm EST)

Suggested audience

Coaches and Parents

Led by:

Show Host Mike Murray and Olympic Gold Medalist Brendan Hansen

Join Mike Murray and USA Swimming Director of Team Services, Brendan Hansen, as they discuss the significance of having patience with the process of development within the sport. Brendan was a multi-time NCAA Champion and All-American at Texas, Multi-time Olympic Medalist, World Record Holder and holds a place in history as one of the fastest breaststrokers to ever live. There is no doubt that Brendan is a cinch for the Swimming Hall of Fame and there is arguably no one in the swimming world that can better relate to this conversation as well as Brendan. Mike and Brendan will take a deep dive into the fragile world of being a young swim star and the determination, perseverance, dedication, and commitment to the process it takes to reach the elite levels in the sport.