How to get the MOST out of the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Be Inquisitive and Curious!

Fitter and Faster Swim Tour is constantly evolving. We are continuously speaking with coaches, participants and parents throughout the United States to find out what they want to learn.  We then work with the best professionals to develop new popular curriculums that are in high demand for participants of all ages and abilities.  By continuing to innovate clinic course material, nearly all clinic hosts invite Fitter and Faster to return to develop new clinics focusing on new subject matter each year and sometimes even more frequently.


Selecting the clinics to attend:

Certain parts of the United States may have as many as a dozen or more Fitter and Faster Clinics in their region on an annual basis. So, selecting which clinics to attend is important. There are many different options for choosing a clinic. You could pick a clinic that enhances your strengths and potentially builds on a stroke you have already mastered. You could also pick a clinic that works on a weakness.

There is no wrong answer to what type of curriculum would benefit a prospective participant.  The decision is completely up to the participant and his or her parent if the participant is a child.  A great way to decide which clinics to sign up for is to show your coach the list of options – get their suggestions. You can even invite your coaches to attend the clinic with you – it is a great learning opportunity! (Read more about the Coaches Participation Program on page 56)

When you visit… you will see many different one-day clinic and two-day camp options.  Every clinic has its own “Event Detail” page where you can learn about the planned curriculum and the athlete clinicians.  It is beneficial to read the background of the clinicians.  Learn what strokes they excel in and what types of accolades they are proud of in and out of the pool.  Many of the athletes, on the Fitter and Faster roster, have a wide range of experiences.  Several attended major Division I Colleges with top ranked swim programs. Others attended lesser-known colleges. Some did not even compete in college swimming.

Just like there is no single correct path to follow in life, there are many different roads to success in swimming.  Each clinician, on the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour, has their own unique story to tell from winning Olympic Gold to coming up short at Olympic Trials and never qualifying to swim on the biggest stage.

Participants of all ages and abilities (children, teenagers and adults) can benefit from hearing about the many different paths the clinicians have taken – stories of triumph and failure.  These are not just lessons for the pool, they’re also meaningful life lessons.  Understanding the curriculum and reading about the athletes will better prepare swimmers for their clinic experience and help to get the most out of the day.

Make sure you come prepared… when you arrive at your Fitter and Faster clinic or camp. Swimmers should have their swimsuits, caps, goggles, towels and drinking water.  Equally as important – make sure you are prepared physically as well as mentally. Participants should come to their clinic with an open mind, excited to learn new techniques, hear engaging stories, and overall become a faster and smarter swimmer!

If you are a child or teenage participant bring your parents.  They will enjoy the day – and ask them to bring a camera.  What keeps so many parents coming to our events is the opportunity for them to interact with the clinicians, hear their stories and ask their own questions. Swimming is not an intuitive sport and neither is raising a swimmer or an entire family of swimmers.  Hearing firsthand how the clinicians handled nutrition, training, college recruiting, balancing school and swimming is invaluable for each parent at the clinic.

In order to get the most out of the day… listen to the clinicians and their explanations for each exercise, drill or technique. Try to understand why they include them in their lesson plan and how they incorporate them into their own training.

Perhaps you already know how to swim fast (really fast)  – you also may know a few or even all of the drills being reviewed. Attending a Fitter and Faster clinic is your opportunity to see up close how elite swimmers execute what you do every single day at practice and in competitions.  Just as important, learn the reasons your clinician does what he or she does or favors a particular drill.  Listen for anecdotes delivered by your clinician.

Remember, the best swimmers in the world are all extremely inquisitive.  They are constantly observing how other athletes swim in order to determine what may or may not work for them.  This is your opportunity to ask them questions and absorb all the information they have to share.

As you listen to the clinicians…, make sure you can see and hear them.  If you are having trouble, don’t be afraid to move around to a different seat, ask them to speak up or have them repeat something for you.  We want to make sure you take in as much as possible from each clinician.

All of our clinicians strive to empower participants with a better understanding of their body, reasons for incorporating specific techniques and the importance of finding methods that work for them.  Gaining insight and knowledge into these aspects of training and competing will help increase confidence and lead to faster and happier swimmers.

Asking questions… is a great way to get a more in-depth explanation or a better understanding of what is being taught.  This why preparing for the clinic comes in handy.  The more you know about the curriculum and the athletes, the better questions you can ask.  Our clinicians are there to teach, inspire and make swimmers faster.  They welcome and encourage questions throughout the day as well as at the designated Q & A session of each clinic.

When you leave…, be sure to write down the best parts of the day. Include anecdotes  that you heard during the day.  Perhaps you’ll take notes on the drills learned or what to think about during drills.  Document the stories shared and the strategies your clinicians used to become successful.  This will encourage good learning habits and help swimmers become great students of their sport.

Check back often… at to find other clinics in your area.   As previously mentioned, every clinic is different from the next and the learning is an on-going process!  We have families that have attended more than six clinics.  Some families have even flown to desired clinics.  You may be ready for one of the Fitter and Faster Two Day Camps.  Learning from some of the best swimmers in the world, in a unique and intimate setting, is truly the greatest way to learn.

We hope you enjoy the experience!  We strive to enhance our programs, reach more participants, and improve our service.  Please fill out the survey that is emailed to you following each clinic, so we have feedback that will help us incorporate new ideas as Fitter and Faster Swim Tour continues to improve and grow year after year.