How to get the most out of your swim camp experience

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Be Inquisitive!

The fastest and most successful swimmers in the world have one primary thing in common: they ask a lot of questions! They want to understand things.  So, please ask away at both in person camps and online!

Get the most out of the day: Listen to the clinicians and their explanations for each exercise, drill or technique. Understand why they include them in their lesson plan and how they incorporate them into their own training.

Perhaps you already know how to swim really fast. You also may know a few or even all of the drills being reviewed. For elite age group swimmers at the AAAA level, this is your chance to pick up one little thing about the “catch” in breaststroke, for example, that helps improve your propulsion and enables you to drop time.  Learn the reasons your clinician does what he or she does or favors a particular technique or drill.

Ask questions! Remember, the best swimmers in the world are all extremely inquisitive.  They are constantly observing how other athletes swim in order to determine what may or may not work for them.  You should be inquisitive too: your swim camp is your opportunity to ask questions and absorb all the information they have to share.

Make sure you can hear the clinicians!  If you are having trouble hearing, don’t be afraid to ask them to speak up or have them repeat something for you.  We want to make sure you take in as much as possible from each clinician.


When you leave…, be sure to write down the best parts of the day. Include anecdotes  that you heard during the day.  Perhaps you’ll take notes on the drills learned or what to think about during drills.  Document the stories shared and the strategies your clinicians used to become successful.  This will encourage good learning habits and help swimmers become great students of their sport.

What to bring to your in-person camp??? Swimmers should bring everything that they require for swimming:

  • A swimsuit
  • Cap, goggles
  • Towel(s)
  • A water bottle with your name on it
  • A snack (please be mindful of those that may have peanut allergies)
  • Also, bring a jacket or sweatshirt to keep warm after you get out!
  • Equally as important – participants should come to their camp with an open mind, interested in learning new techniques, hear engaging stories, and overall become a faster and smarter swimmer!

Check back often… at to find other swim camps in your area.   As previously mentioned, every clinic is different from the next and the learning is an on-going process!

We hope you enjoy the experience!  We strive to enhance our programs, reach more participants, and improve our service.  Please fill out the survey that is emailed to you following each clinic, so we have feedback that will help us incorporate new ideas as Fitter and Faster Swim Tour continues to improve and grow year after year.