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The most impactful swim camps for the competitive swimming community.

In 2023 Fitter & Faster will produce 450 swim camps for competitive swimmers throughout North America. Each swim camp is created to be a world-class learning experience that meets the needs of prospective participants… and exceeds their expectations.

Competitive swimmers of all ages and abilities; their parents and coaches benefit from Fitter & Faster’s exceptional learning experiences  in-person and online.

Since we were established in 2009 more than 250,000 competitive swimmers have participated in Fitter & Faster camps. Many of these participants went on to compete in college and even swim in International Competitions including the Olympic Games.

Over 200 elite level swimmers including 50+ Olympians & Paralympians who won more than 100 Olympic & Paralympic medals have led Fitter & Faster camps. An accomplishment we are super proud of is that a number of participants from years-past, who went on to have successful swimming careers, are now clinicians traveling across North America for Fitter & Faster! Also, we have several full and part time employees with the company who started out with us as clinicians!

In 2023, more than 30,000 competitive swimmers will attend 450 camps consisting of 1,800 clinic sessions in all 50 States plus Canada and the Bahamas. Many participants travel from overseas to participate in Fitter & Faster camps. In the past year we’ve had participants who have traveled to the USA for camps from countries including Australia, England, India and Brazil.

There are many different ways for facilities and teams to host Fitter & Faster swim camps. Please contact us to learn more!

Fitter & Faster also produces high quality compettiive swimming videos and provides video analysis services.

Swim Videos on Demand enables Fitter & Faster to serve a greater number of competitive swimmers and coaches worldwide. Prior to our on-demand streaming service, the “Swim Like a Champion” DVD series was the winner of two Telly Awards including the prestigious Silver Award. Our swim videos are recommended by coaches to their swimmers and shown on pool decks during practice throughout the world.

Visit this page for more information on hosting a swim clinic. Or, contact us to tell us about your team and ask us any questions that you may have.

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