The Fitter & Faster Swim Tour conducts it’s business with several principles at its core:

1.To be a great company to do business with and work for.

2.Raise the expectations for what has traditionally been classified as a swim clinic and camp.

3.Invest: To invest in every event by not requiring local hosts to cover all expenses of events.

4.Innovate: The Fitter & Faster Swim Tour model of selling tickets to cover event expenses (as opposed to requiring teams to outright pay for events) keeps the tour hungry to continuously innovate event production and marketing to deliver the highest quality experience for participants and partners.

5.Professional Management: Professional clinicians who are trained in Fitter and Faster event management shall attend Fitter & Faster Swim camps to ensure that the FFT experience is the best in the industry

6.Welcome atmosphere: to make sure that no one team receives more visibility than another at Fitter & Faster public events.

7.The customer comes first: Every event shall reflect the unique objectives and attributes of each community we visit.

8.Listen and Improve: To continuously improve every attribute of the events by listening to and seeking the perspective of our local hosts, participants, parents, and clinicians.

9.To select the most appropriate clinicians to host each event.