Host a swim clinic or camp

Fitter & Faster swim camps are hosted by hundreds of teams, facilities and other organizations annually.

Hosting a swim camp produced by Fitter & Faster is an opportunity for your organization to have a first-class, enjoyable interactive learning experience for the competitive swimmers in your community.

Swim teams, LSCs and facilities in all 50 States, Canada and the Bahamas worked with Fitter & Faster to produce swim camps in 2023. In all, we will produce 450 camps with more than 1,800 sessions in 2023.

Each swim camp is created to be a world-class learning experience that meets the needs of prospective participants… and exceeds their expectations. We select where we produce swim camps based on the shared objectives and relationships we establish with those who want to develop elite competitive swim programming for their community.

Regular Programming

Fitter and Faster swim camps are an effective way to supplement the competitive development of swimmers in your community. You will educate, inspire and further strengthen your relationship with your organization’s members… and it DOES NOT COST ANYTHING to host one of our camps.

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We have become part of the semi-annual and annual programming of many USA Swimming, YMCA, Rec League, Summer League teams and LSCs including:

It’s all about swimming faster and more efficiently

The swim camps we produce take into consideration the age and skill level of the participants at that particular session. Every year, thousands of swimmers attend multiple Fitter & Faster swim camps.

A wide range of skill levels: Most of the swim camps we design are for competitive swimmers between the ages of 10 and 18 with two or more years of organized competitive experience. Our swim camps are attended by swimmers who swim in the first few heats of local competitions all the way up to Junior National champions, age group record holders and swimmers who have gone on to swim at the NCAA Division 1 level and Olympic Trials. We have previous attendees who competed at the 2016 and 2020 Olympics.

New competitors: We also produce camps with curriculums especially for swimmers new to competitive swimming

End to End Solution

Fitter and Faster has a full-time team dedicated to ensuring your swim camp is a success.  Our professionals handle all of the work from the day we agree to produce a clinic or camp until the clinic concludes and we send “Thank you for attending emails” and surveys to all the participants and coaches.

Each swim clinic has a curriculum that will help participants improve – no matter their age and skill level.

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Session length: Most often, when we visit a location, we produce four sessions over two days. Typical sessions for a clinic or camp are two to three and a half hours including fifteen minutes for “sign-in” and photos.

Customized Clinic Web Page: We create a custom web page that uniquely describes what participants will learn at your clinic. All registration sales are handled online. You can link to various swim clinic and camp detail pages from this page.

Customer Service: The Fitter and Faster staff handles all sales and customer service! We are capable of offering promotional codes, group discounts and other features to meet the needs of our hosts and participants. At any time, we can provide the host with a list of the swimmers from your team who have signed up.

Photos & Autographs: Every participant has an opportunity after the camp to take a photo with the elite clinicians & get items autographed.

Gift: Participants of all FFT Camps  are provided with a gift from our sponsors.

We pay and coordinate: FFT coordinates and purchases all athlete and event staff flights, hotels, rental cars, meals, and appearance fees

Insurance: FFT has and pays for event insurance

Spreading the word

Below is a list of the promotional tools we use to make your swim clinic a success:

• Email blasts to the FFT customer database and our sponsors

• Online advertising

• FFT will invite other teams in your area who you have a strong relationship with.

• Promote the event through the ASCA database (American Swim Coaches Association)

• Press releases to local media

• Social media posts about your event

• FFT will promote your event at local meets we attend

Please contact us to learn more about hosting Fitter & Faster swim camps. We’d love to learn more about your team, league, or facility and to answer any questions that you have!