Amy Dempsey – Fredericksburg, VA

September 16th, 2019

My 8 year old just finished the stroke and kick clinic in Laurel, MD. She had a fabulous experience. Connor and Courtney Jaegar were an incredible team. They held the attention of a sizable 12 and under group through 2 mornings of instruction and were able to effectively communicate proper stroke and kick techniques to all of them. My daughter has just moved up from developmental to AG2 and the techniques that were taught will absolutely assist her in keeping up with the older kids. Furthermore, these techniques are not ones being taught at the swim club level. My daughter will absolutely benefit from learning to “do it right” at an early age, if she decides to stick with swimming long term. I was REALLY impressed with the both of the coaches and with the clinic overall. I think as a parent, what I appreciated most, was having my 8 year old listen to Courtney and Conner’s own experience from club swim to college swim and then on to Olympic trials. To some degree, I think their stories conveyed the bigger picture of what she is working toward by going to practice 4 nights a week. Courtney and Connor were just young enough to be relatable, but old enough for my daughter to be celebrity star struck. Making it to the Olympics was not the message. Rather, working toward something bigger than yourself, time management, the benefits of collegiate swimming, and working through disappointments and celebrating successes was the message. This message was amplified by the personal connection made between these two coaches and the kids during the swim portion of the clinic. After the second session, my daughter exclaimed, “I just got a high five from one of the best swimmers in the country!” We will absolutely be taking advantage of future Fitter and Faster clinics. My only suggestion would be to provide the kids with a swim cap or t-shirt to commemorate this wonderful experience.

First Clinic!

August 23rd, 2019

Tyler did an excellent job communicating to young swimmers. I liked how he would build on the subject he was teaching. Tyler would demonstrate each step and then have the swimmers practice each phase to improve the technique. She is looking forward to practicing a tighter and faster flip turn and skills learned for an improved streamline and breakout and finish!

  • Arlington, VA
  • Chargenia Kelly

Marina was absolutely wonderful!

August 21st, 2019

Marina was absolutely wonderful. She is a born teacher with a great personality, and she related well with all the kids. We had swimmers with a wide range of abilities, but she spent time with each one to make sure that each got the advice and tips that he or she needed. You could tell that it meant a lot to her for all the kids to learn. I also learned a lot that will help me as a coach. It was very rewarding to have my swimmers ask at the next practice if we could do some of the drills that Marina taught. They were very inspired. We would love to be able to host another clinic next year!

  • Cavern City Swim Club Coach
  • Julie Swanson

Super fun and safe environment for children to learn!

August 20th, 2019

Marina, you did a fantastic job of conveying your story of “challenges and successes” to the kids. Your story is especially inspiring to many kids because I loved how you were able to share with them the idea that you came from that “middle” place, not the fastest but not the slowest. You never stopped setting goals and finding ways to better yourself, find new “starting points”, and surrounding yourself with people who believed in you. For many kids, I think that is a realistic journey and they have to find ways to keep pursuing their dreams and not give up on themselves just because they aren’t the fastest, or someone else said they couldn’t do it. From what you shared with us, it was the comradery, the teamwork, knowing you could finding strength in yourself when you knew others were depending on you. Your personal story really conveyed to us that success it is not only about reaching your goal times and goal places. Times and records shouldn’t be the only factor in determining your feelings of success or failure. It’s also about the journey you take and what values and character strengths you gain and are forever instilled in you along the way.

Of course, you also did an excellent job of demonstrating and describing how to perform each drill. You gave very easy to understand explanations for how the drill was improving their form and how the drill related to the physics and physiological concepts needed to increase speed and reduce resistance in the water. You gave everyone individual advice and kept the flow of the sessions moving along smoothly. You did a great job and kids across the country are benefitting from you! We are rooting for you to achieve all of your goals, make your last fly cut, and have a GREAT Olympic Trials next summer!

The clinic was a super fun and safe environment for children to learn, practice, and ask questions about a variety of skills needed to swim smarter, faster, and more efficiently. It was a great opportunity to hear first-hand what an elite athlete’s training regime and philosophies are as they are preparing for competition and life’s challenges. Seeing the F&F clinician demonstrate the drills with proper form and technique is so valuable to kids who learn visually because they get a better understanding of what is expected and what it should look like! The feedback given by the clinician for each child may be just what it takes to motivate them to the next level in their swimming and be a catalyst for future success!

  • Andrea Ciro
  • Carlsbad, NM

Great Communicator!

August 19th, 2019

Aly Tetzlof was a great coach and our daughter felt really good attending the clinic and getting to know about the tips and tricks from one of the top butterflyers in the country. Aly would make a great coach as not only she has great understanding of the Sprint freestyle and Butterfly but also has this incredible ability to communicate and teach young kids in an effective way and also makes it enjoyable for them.

  • Sudhir Saligrama
  • Oakley, CA

Approachable, Informative and Adapted to all swimmers!

August 19th, 2019

Tucker Dupree and Brett Hawke were FANTASTIC. They were approachable, informative and adapted to all swimmers. The tips they gave went beyond technique to nutrition and habits outside the pool to become successful. The two day session was packed so full of information that my daughter took notes. To manage all the info, Tucker suggested breaking it down with a dry erase marker on a mirror to focus on each week. It’s worked like magic and truly put her success in her own hands. We WILL be back for more!

  • Michelle Huston
  • Indianapolis, IN

Coach’s Survey

August 13th, 2019

Austin and Elvis have an excellent demeanor with the swimmers. They were personable with the staff at HBC and with all involved in the clinic. I greatly enjoyed watching them work and jumping in to assist when needed. They are star quality both in and out of the pool! I only attended day 2 where Elvis and Austin covered back and free. I use all of the drills presented during the clinic with my swimmers (it was wonderful confirmation that my coaching techniques are aligned with Olympians!). I liked the phrasing “library quiet” for kicking and focusing on the armpit for rotation. I emphasize technique and fine tuning of the stroke mechanics over speed. The progress of drills flowed nicely to emphasize certain and build on certain aspects.

  • Kate Baker
  • Haven Beach Club Coach
  • Haven Beach, NJ

First clinic and would attend another!

August 13th, 2019

My son picked up so many great backstroke tips from Nick Thoman! Nick taught the kids various techniques to help improve all aspects of their backstroke and made it very easy for them to understand and implement.

Make sure people realize it truly is hands on with the clinicians. It’s not just a lecture but lots of in water demos and attention.

  • Arlington, VA
  • Backstroke (July 23-25)
  • Eliza Jacobs

I loved the positive reinforcement!

August 13th, 2019

My children were inspired by your stories. They learned so much from the drills and was able to practice the new skills with the clinicians individual attention. They took the time to talk to each child and to help drive home the point of all the drills. Several times a student or 2 would be pulled away to practice something a little deeper and was always given credit for a job well done. I loved the positive reinforcement and I loved how well my daughter was taken care of. She was the slowest swimmer but still walked away feeling like a winner due to the positive words and high fives the clinicians gave to her. She came home each night singing their praises, reading swimming magazines and practicing her new skills in our backyard pool. It is awesome to see!! Many thanks for the time you took with my children. I can’t express how positive this clinic was to help motivate my children to learn more, to try harder and to be the best they can be. Thanks for taking such great care of my kids and we will be back next time!

My older son benefited most from the butterfly day. He said the drill of butterfly arms and flutter kick helped him to position his body in the water better.

My youngest benefited from the backstroke day the most. She was able to improve her body position and her flip turns greatly!

  • Cara Smith
  • Long Island, NY

Very memorable!

August 13th, 2019

There were many tips and specific drills that were very memorable. I’d say that the instruction to stand up tall on the starting block and get some deep breaths before getting into the starting position was one that was so basic yet often forgotten skill for a young swimmer. Kudos for the great attention to little details that can mean a lot in performance! Nick and Austin did a terrific job showing great enthusiasm and teaching to the group. The drills progression was very well done and great use of clearly explaining along with demonstrating before then having the kids do the drill(s). Nick showed such passion and exuberance that my daughter was truly inspired and paying close attention.

  • San Bruno, CA
  • Kevin Swanson