Host a swim clinic

We love what we do and it's reflected at the thousands of swim clinics we produce.

Hosting a swim clinic or swim camp produced by Fitter and Faster is an opportunity for you to have a first-class fun learning experience for the competitive swimmers in your community. Our objective at every single clinic is to help swimmers of all ages and abilities to improve.

Swim teams, LSCs, facilities and others have invited Fitter and Faster to produce more than 1,000 clinics in over 40 states and Canada since 2009. More than 125,000 swimmers, coaches and parents have participated in our swim clinics.

We select where we produce clinics based on the shared objectives and relationships we establish with those who want to develop elite clinic programming for their community.

Regular Programming

A Fitter and Faster swim clinic is an effective way to educate, inspire and further strengthen your relationship with your organization's members... and it costs NO MONEY to host one of our clinics.

We have become part of the semi-annual and annual programming of many USA Swimming, YMCA, Rec League, Summer League teams and LSCs including:

It's all about your objectives

Our swim clinics are for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Each clinic session we produce takes into consideration the age and skill level of the participants at that particular session. Many swimmers attend multiple Fitter and Faster swim clinics annually.

New competitors: We produce clinics with curriculums especially for swimmers new to competitive swimming - including the heralded "Green Flag Series" that we have created in partnership with Indiana Swimming.

Elite competitors: We also produce elite swim clinics and camps that have been attended by Junior National champions, age group record holders and swimmers who have gone on to swim at the NCAA Division 1 level, Olympic Trials and one past attendee even won a gold medal at the Olympics.

End to End Solution

Fitter and Faster has a full-time team dedicated to ensuring your swim clinic is a success.  Our professionals handle all of the work from the day we agree to produce a clinic or camp until the clinic concludes and we send "Thank you for attending emails" and surveys to all the participants and volunteers.

Each swim clinic focuses topics that will help participants improve - no matter their age and skill level.

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David Nolan assists a young participant in Fayetteville, NC
David Nolan assists a young participant in Fayetteville, NC

Session length: We produce swim clinics of various durations. A typical session for a clinic or camp is three and a half  hours including thirty minutes for "sign-in" and photos. Some clinics are also multiple days.

Customized Clinic Web Page: We create a custom web page that uniquely describes what participants will learn at your clinic. All registration sales are handled online.

Customer Service: The Fitter and Faster staff handles all sales and customer service! We are capable of offering promotional codes, group discounts and other features to meet the needs of our hosts and participants. At any time, we can provide the host with a list of the swimmers from your team who have signed up.

Olympian Shannon Vreeland and Tim Phillips with a participant at a clinic in Sterling, Virginia.

Photos: Every participant has an opportunity before the clinic begins to take a free photo with the elite clinicians while wearing their Olympic or other medals of significance. At some clinics, if the participant chooses, we print out 8x10 photos that the participants can have signed by the clinicians at the conclusion of the event.

Gift: Participants of all FFT clinics and camps are provided with a gift from our sponsors.

We pay and coordinate: FFT coordinates and purchases all athlete and event staff flights, hotels, rental cars, meals, and appearance fees

Insurance: FFT has and pays for event insurance

Volunteers: The FFT Event Manager works with four to six volunteers provided by the host teams. The volunteers help with the set up, sign-in process, and repacking on the day of the event. Working in coordination with the event manager, the volunteers help ensure a smooth, safe program throughout the course of the day. The work is not hard and is very organized. Volunteers all have a lot of time to enjoy the event. We also provide gifts for the volunteers.

Spreading the word

Below is a list of the promotional tools we use to make your swim clinic a success:

• Email blasts to the FFT customer database and our sponsors

• Online advertising

• FFT will invite other teams in your area who you have a strong relationship with.

• Promote the event through the ASCA database (American Swim Coaches Association)

• Press releases to local media

• Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts about your event

• FFT will promote your event at local meets we attend

FFT Impact

Every time we produce a swim clinic, the positive impact we have is something we keep at the forefront of our minds. It is very important to us that the Fitter and Faster clinic that each participant attends is a great learning experience and overall a very special, memorable day.

"My daughter and I attended the Sprint clinic, in Gainesville, GA, with clinicians Brett Hawke and Shane Ryan. This was our second Fitter & Faster clinic and we decided to drive over eight hours to attend this one. This clinic was informative and insightful for not only the swimmers, but for the parents. Impressed with not only the little details to help swimmers improve with their swimming, but the excitement and inspiration my child came away with from a few hours of a clinic. She goes to practice today preparing for a Developmental Champ meet this weekend with a more focused mental game, as well as, a technical approach. Most importantly, being from South Fl, and only an hour away from Parkland, instead of feeling all the stresses and pain that our communities are experiencing right now, it was invaluable for her to be able to be a child just enjoying her sport. This and the Slay the Drag- on with Tyler Clary, continue to inspire her. We plan on attending more, but thank you for having these clinics. This one was worth every hour of driving and the facility was wonderful."

--- Hillary R, February 26, 2018 (See more swim clinic reviews)

Please contact us to learn more about hosting Fitter and Faster clinics. We'd love to answer any questions that you have and learn more about your team.