2020 Fitter and Faster ASCA Age Group Coach of the Year: Top 50 Age Group Coaches in the USA

By Fitter and Faster Staff

2020 Fitter and Faster ASCA Age Group Coach of the Year

The Top 50 Age Group Coaches in the USA

Since 1986 The American Swimming Coaches Association has been honoring the top age group coaches in the country.  We believe in high level age group swimming and we are highly supportive of the fine coaches who do establish the base of the finest swimming nation in the world.

In the beginning of the AGCOY program local ASCA chapters sent in their nominations by whatever process they deemed appropriate.  With the modernization of the USA Swimming National Rankings program and the ability to download data ASCA then had the ability to move the program from a local popularity contest to a national program based on objective data.  In 2014 Fitter and Faster came on board as the title sponsor and ASCA began identifying the top 50 age group coaches in the country with the top 10 being invited to the ASCA World Clinic Awards Banquet and the overall winner of the Faster and Fitter ASCA Age Group Coach of the Year announced.

The top 50 age group coaches in the USA was compiled from the USA Swimming’s National Rankings data.  The top 20 swimmers in the 9-10 and 11-12 age groups were downloaded for the 2019 Long Course and the 2019-20 Short Course seasons.  Two virtual swimming meets were compiled, one for LCM and one for SCM with scoring to the top 20 places.  The results were combined to determine the top 100 Age Group Teams in the USA for the two seasons.  From the list of 100 teams head coaches were contacted for the names of their age group coaches responsible for each of their swimmers who were ranked in the top 20.  The coaches’ names were entered into the data alongside their swimmer’s performances and the results were resorted and rescored by coach.  Coaches received bonus points for number of #1 rankings, for number of different swimmers ranked, and for number of total rankings.  From these results we present the top 50 age group coaches in the USA.  Congratulations to everyone.

From these results the Top 10 finalists were determined and are being announced prior to the 2020 ASCA Cyber World Clinic. On Friday, September 18th, the Fitter and Faster ASCA Age Group Coach of the Year will be announced live as part of the Cyber World Clinic.

Abdelaal, Mohamed Scarlet Aquatics NJ
Alderson, Jack Beach Cities Swimming CA
Applegate, Tom Rockwall Aquatic Center of Excellence NT
Barber, Chris Sandpipers Of Nevada CA
Brandt, Jonathan Texas Ford Aquatics NT
Brol, Allison Nitro Swimming ST
Bubolz, Kyle Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club IL
Cormack, Audrey North Texas Nadadores NT
Cravens, Jason River City Aquatics OZ
Cullom, Deni Olympus Aquatics UT
Davey, Kate Central Iowa Aquatics IA
Davies, Phil Schroeder YMCA Swim Team WI
Fierro, Carle Westchester Aquatic Club MR
Garman, Don La Mirada Armada CA
Greene, Dave Rockville Montgomery Swim Club PV
Hirth, Drew NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc VA
Jimenez, Hector Rose Bowl Aquatics CA
Johnson, Andrew Quicksilver Swimming PC
Khadembashi, Iman Team Santa Monica CA
Knight, Titus Mission Viejo Nadadores CA
Lancey, Suzanne New Canaan YMCA Caimans CT
Mack, Cashel West Florida Lightning Aquatic FL
Madarassy, Adam Eagle Aquatics FG
Maggiora, Ned South Bay Aquatics SI
Marumoto, Andrea Somerset Valley YMCA NJ
Materov, Alex OC Riptide Aquatics CA
Miller, Erin Scarlet Aquatics NJ
Miller, Reed DART Swimming SN
Molenaar, Owen Pacific Swim SI
Mullen, Kate NASA Wildcat Aquatics IL
Musso, Nelly Hornet Age Group Swim Club IL
Norman, Rob TAC Titans NC
O’Dell, Marni Chino Hills Aquatics CA
Oesting, Megan Eastern Iowa Swim Federation IA
Pacey, Ed Blue Ash YMCA Swim Team OH
Pajer, Brian Aquazot Swim Club CA
Pfaff, Chris Carmel Swim Club IN
Pistorius, Kainoa Wolverine Aquatics SN
Pohilenco, Luba Santa Clara Swim Club PC
Rayle, Alex Piedmont Family YMCA/CYAC VA
Rowe, Chris Texas Ford Aquatics NT
Smith, Jim Texas Ford Aquatics NT
Sniad, Solomon North Baltimore Aquatic Club MD
Sofia, Gabi Long Island Aquatic Club MR
Stump, Errol Brea Aquatics CA
Taliaferro, Mark Santa Clara Swim Club PC
Welter, Bryan Lakeside Aquatic Club NT
Wohl, Dan Waukesha Express Swim Team WI
Woodward, Michael Lake Oswego Swim Club OR
Yuca, Ryan Bluefish Swim Club NE

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