Mental Game Strong – Tyler McGill

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Are you going to practice and just going through the motions? Are you going to “the meet” just to participate? Are you happy just being there? Or are you training and racing with purpose?

In swimming and all other things in life, 2012 Olympic gold medalist, Tyler McGill explains, “There is a difference between ‘trying’ to accomplish something and ‘making the decision’ to accomplish something”.

Watch and listed to the 1 minutes and 48 second post race interview below between SwimSwam and Tyler immediately following his race that qualified him to compete at the 2012 London Olympics. This interview is a must watch for every swimmer in the world. 

After Tyler retired from competitive swimming after the 2012 Olympic Games he became an Assistant Coach for Auburn University and continued to lead swim camps for Fitter and Faster.  Three years ago he left Auburn to start an age-group program in Opelika, AL. As time allows, he continues to lead Fitter and Faster camps around the USA… and he has brought Fitter and Faster in to work with his own swimmers to provide them with access to other elite level swimmers and minds in the sport!

As you go to your next practice or prepare to step up to dive in to your next race, think about your purpose. What are you “trying to do” and how can you “DO”!