Coaches Corner: A Passion for Coaching Swimming, Abi Liu

By Fitter and Faster Staff

The Similarities Between Age Group & Senior Swimmers

Abi Liu is the Head Coach & Owner of PEAK Swimming in San Jose, California. A former FINA World Cup Champion representing her native China, Abi continues her journey in the sport, passionately guiding athletes to success in both the pool and life. Abi’s personal story is nothing short of astonishing, at 13 years of age she left her hometown and family moving to Beijing; living & training exclusively with the Chinese National Team, eventually setting national records in the backstroke events. In this challenging sports system, athletes were only permitted to visit their families 15 days out of the entire year!

Her unique journey in the sport as both an athlete and as a coach has helped shape her philosophy and inspire creativity within her program. In this episode of the Fitter & Faster Coaches Corner, we will discuss Abi’s story, find out what keeps her motivated, and learn her opinions on the similarities between senior & age group swimmers. We also touch on the significance of supporting diversity & inclusion in ALL aspects of the profession of coaching, as well as the sport in general.

Find out why Abi’s “sneaker-game” helps her connect with swimmers and builds a foundation of joy that coaches and athletes share! You might be surprised by the details she describes! This is a show that parents, athletes, team administrators & coaches won’t want to miss!

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