Coaches Corner: Core Strength & Mobility, Dry-land for Swimmers

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Dry-Land Training for Swimmers:

Fitter & Faster elite clinician Atiba Wade joins Coaches Corner host Mike Murray to discuss some new dry-land exercises he’s developed, as well as the significance of core strength and mobility for swimmers.

The demonstrations included in this episode:

1. “Dry-Fly.”

2. “Rock-N-Roll Streamline”

3. “Open Turn Side Arches.”

4. “Suitcase Dead-Lift.”

Atiba categorizes all movement specific to dry-land in 3 critical considerations for coaches, athletes and parents:

1. Safe

2. Scalable

3. Sustainable

If you are looking to incorporate new, innovative, and exciting dryland elements into your program, this episode of Coaches Corner will give you the framework to get started!

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