Tyler McGill


  • Birthday: August 18th, 1987
  • Hometown: Champaign, Illinois
  • Now Resides: Auburn, Alabama
  • College: Auburn University '10
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Coach: Brett Hawke


2012 Olympic gold medalist (400 medley relay)
2012 Olympic finalist (100 fly)
Three-Time World Champion
2011 World Championships Bronze Medalist (100 fly)
Two-Time NCAA Champion


Tyler McGill went into the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials knowing that he was facing-off against history’s greatest swimmer in the 100 fly: Michael Phelps. With only two swimmers earning their trip to the Olympics in each individual event and a deep field before him, Tyler had a lot of pressure riding on his broad shoulders.

But rather than living in fear of this nearly impossible challenge, the determined Tyler woke up one morning and decided that he would make the Olympic Team.

Want to learn how to thrive under pressures rather than shut down? Participants attending his clinics will learn that training the proper mindset is just as important as training the proper technique.

“There’s a lot of guys trying to go to London, but there’s a difference between trying and making that decision,” Tyler said in a post-race interview. “So I was ready. I was ready for that swim and I was ready to perform the way I did.”

Tyler may have surprised many fans, but making the team was no surprise to Tyler. He brings an internal confidence to each race, each weight room session, and each practice. You might think an athlete of his caliber would exude a large ego, but nothing could be further from the truth. His quiet confidence and humility draws swimmers of all ages in to an unforgettable experience.

He emphasizes these three crucial elements to be a successful swimmer: confidence, passion and a willingness to sacrifice.

“Confidence in your training and trust in your coach is crucial to performing your best. You have to love what you do and show up to practice ready to work. And you have to be willing to push a little bit harder than everyone else.”

Whether participants are learning the basics of proper streamline or the subtle nuances in body position in butterfly, McGill brings a wealth of knowledge and creative drills to each clinic (Blog post from Tyler: Relentless Pursuit of Perfection with Streamlines). Watch the video below to get a sneak peak of one of Tyler’s favorite drills to improve your turns!


Even for non-Olympians, the feelings of accomplishment and improvement are some of the greatest gifts that sports can give. Tyler believes in swimming and its transformative values, acknowledging that while being a competitive swimmer eventually comes to an end, the sport teaches crucial lessons that apply to life beyond the pool. Aside from new techniques and better strokes, Tyler’s goal is to ensure that every athlete walks away from his clinics ready to make the decision to be successful. (Blog post from Tyler: Navigating the Recruiting Process)

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Tyler Clary