Coaches Corner: Small Market Success, Coach Chris Everett

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Swimming Fast in Rural America

Chris Everett is the Head Coach of Mercury Swimming, located in the Southern Tier of New York State, made up of mostly-rural, agriculturally based communities. Throughout the last 5 years, Chris has led athletes to success at Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals, and Olympic Trials!

Chris and host Mike Murray, were college teammates at St. Lawrence University! In this week’s episode the pair sits down to discuss what it takes to create a successful program in a relatively small market. Chris shares his vision for the future of Mercury Swimming, and some insights on how to develop strategies for building your club from the ground up, why high school swimming is an important ingredient for growth in smaller communities, and how he has evolved his coaching philosophy.

This week you will learn how to foster relationships locally to drive membership & revenue growth, while making important connections with the school districts, facilities, and key community leaders. Don’t miss this opportunity to lead, listen, and learn!

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