Coaches Corner: Creating Team Culture

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Team Culture

NC State’s Associate Head Coach Brian Barnes has extensive experience working with a variety of programs throughout his successful career in the swimming community. Over the past 2-decades, Barnes has led his athletes to a multitude of conference titles, NCAA All-American honors, and even American Record performances. Brian’s unique journey through the sport afforded him the opportunity to work with legendary coaches along the way, including Richard Quick, David Marsh, Tim Welsh, Dan Ross and a young Brett Hawke! In this week’s episode of the  @Fitter and Faster Swim Camps  Coaches Corner, Barnes talks about the intricate process of building a strong, successful team culture, where it begins by cultivating meaningful relationships with athletes, coaches, and key staff members. The discussion also centers on a philosophy of “belief,” and how to inspire teams to understand the power of believing in what you’re collectively capable of accomplishing, no matter the challenge. You can’t miss this edition of #coachescorner

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