Inside with Brett Hawke: Thomas Fraser-Holmes

By Fitter and Faster Staff

One of Australian’s top swimmers over the last couple of quads, Thomas Fraser-Holmes is pretty good at everything. 4:10 4 IM, 1:45.0 2 Free.

Living in the Gold Coast for the last 10 years. Born and raised in New Castle.

Was more interested in Surf Life Saving when he was younger. Got a scholarship to the AIS.

Justin Norris was Brett’s roommate at the Olympics where he won Bronze.

The 100 Nugget Challenge.

Why Canberra? Why not USA?

Australian public expectations. “Why didn’t you win” mentality.

Committed to Tokyo 2021. Goal is to make 3rd Olympic Team and win an Olympic medal.

How do you get on the podium?

Breakig 1:45 in the 200 Freestyle.

Why Not Me Swim Clinics

Nobody is better than you in the world, mate!

What did you learn from training with Grant Hackett? What have you learned being on the Australian Team for so long?

Being resilient. Having confidence.

And much, much more.