Inside with Brett Hawke: Arilson Silva

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Brazilian coach Arilson Silva has worked with some of the world’s best swimmers including two time Olympian Bruno Fratus. Today, in Hungary, he is hard at work preparing Andriy Govorov for Tokyo 2020.

As Arilson gets into conversation with Brett today, he opens up about his philosophies as a coach. He shares what Cesar Cielo’s gold medal meant to Brazil and the progress the country has made in the face of setbacks. He also provides generous insights into his approach to training, supplementation and nutrition.

As former partners, find out how Brett and Arilson found common ground and mutual respect despite being from different sides of the globe. They share why at the end of the day, as coaches to high level swimmers, they’re both on the same team in helping to move the sport forward.

“The body will be ready but it’s not the body that’s going to make that performance, it’s the mindset.” – Arilson Silva

Key Takeaways:
Arilson Silva’s approach to coaching.
How Brazilian swimming has evolved.
What the path to Tokyo 2020 looks like for him and his swimmers.