Inside with Brett Hawke: Anton McKee

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Today, Brett speaks with a real Icelandic Viking, Anton McKee.

How did Anton get from Iceland to the University of Alabama? What is Iceland like? How’s the food?

Have you ever heard of Orn Arnason? Iceland’s greatest swimmer.

How do you go from being a distance swimmer (3:54/8:08 LCM) to becoming the Nordic Record Holder in the sprint breaststroke events (27.4/1:00.3 LCM)?

They also discuss…
-overcoming a major injury (broken collarbone)
-learning English
-his future in Information Technology
-having a job and being a pro swimmer
-training with Sergio Lopez, “the breaststroke whisperer”, for Tokyo 2020/2021

Anton is now a member of the International Swimming League’s Toronto Titans where his versatility should be a great strength for him.