Coaches Corner: David Marsh & Javier Sossa, Our Favorite Sets!

By Fitter and Faster Staff

In this special edition of the Fitter & Faster Coaches Corner, you will learn some of Team Elite’s favorite training sets; for age groupers, senior swimmers, the collegiate athletes, and even the Pro group! Coaches David Marsh and Javier Sossa sit down with Mike Murray to discuss their approach to training, how they plan their practice sessions, and describe the process behind workout composition!

Create opportunities for your athletes by learning these skills:

  • Use the Rule of 2 for writing workouts
  • Understanding athlete development
  • Why creativity is essential for both swimmers and coaches
  • Incorporating exploration as a key ingredient to long term success
  • Using your athletes as coaches in the water.

This is an episode that you wont want to miss! Be sure to save the screen shots of the workouts, feel free to use with your teams!

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