The “secret” behind how the best swimmers keep getting better

By Fitter and Faster Staff

How do the most elite swimmers in the world always seem to keep getting better? They train hard, mentally prepare, and (here’s the secret) ALWAYS LEARN. The best are usually the most inquisitive and eager. They search for new ways to move in the water or on land, how to fuel their body, how to be better mentally.

“I learn something new at every single camp I lead by watching the participants and listening to other elite-level swimmers” – Olympic Gold Medalist, 3-time American Record Holder, and Elite clinician: Clark Smith

So, how can you get better? LEARN! Absorb new ideas and techniques. Go searching for them! Apply and try them out and figure out what works best for you. Don’t get stuck in a rut of comfortability. Get outside that comfort zone and discover new ways for YOU to get better.

Don't wait to start learning new skills!

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