Coaches Corner: A Journey of Hope, Jeff Julian

By Fitter and Faster Staff

A JOURNEY OF HOPE, Coach Jeff Julian

SUGGESTED AUDIENCE: Coaches, Parents, Athletes & Team Administrators

SHOW DATE: Tuesday, November 24, Recorded. 

A Journey of Hope

The Head Coach of Rose Bowl Aquatics, Jeff Julian joins Mike Murray for a discussion about his unique journey in the sport of swimming and the impact it has made on his life, the lives of his swimmers and his family. Jeff narrowly missed qualifying for the US Olympic Team in 1996 and that experience would help him shape his outlook and approach to every challenge in his life.

The pair also explore a common theme on Coaches Corner, learning to work/coach your children, helping them grow in the sport and why being a great teammate is perhaps the most significant lesson we can learn! Coach Julian is a cancer survivor and his battle continues to inspire everyone in the swimming world, what he means to our swim community goes well beyond performances, wins and losses and medal counts. Jeff teaches us all the significance of hope and a passion for the enthusiastic pursuit of excellence in everything we do in life.

This episode of Coaches Corner will move you to appreciate every moment and take nothing for granted, as Jeff reminds us, coaches are some of the most important people in the lives of our athletes!

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