Lessons as a Clinician

By Fitter and Faster Staff

We asked our clinicians what their experience at Fitter and Faster has taught them about swimming…

Their answers:


Cammile Adams

2012 Olympian

“It’s taught me to fall in love with the sport again. Fans think that we love swimming all the time but in fact we too go through highs and lows in our careers both mentally and physically.”

Alyssa Anderson

2012 Olympian

“It has taught me to point out specific points in my career that were defining and turn them into relatable stories, as well as learning how to teach others the techniques that helped me become an efficient freestyler.”

Matt Biondi

1984, 1988, 1992 Olympian

“Mathematics education (my chosen career) and leading swim clinics are similar in that to be an effective instructor, one must be an effective communicator.”


Bobby Bollier

2009, 2011 World University Games medalist

“One of the things it has brought home for me is how very similar of journeys swimmers will go through in their careers. Although the specifics of the challenges and victories may be different, it’s the experiences we all share that make the swimming community so close-knit. “

Adam Brown

2008, 2012 Olympian (Great Britain)

“It has taught me about the importance of the basic drills that sometimes get forgotten about. I believe it’s always very important to go back to the basics, especially when you feel like you stroke isn’t feeling the way you believe it should.”

Clark Burckle

2012 Olympian

“Being a clinician has taught me how to be a better communicator. Additionally it has taught me how to teach athletes who have different learning styles. For example, some kids listen well while some need active demonstration and repetition. Understanding your audience is hugely important as a clinician.”

Maritza Correia

2004 Olympian

“That ALL swimmers are competitive. I have to be race ready for every clinic because they are just waiting to be able to say, “I beat an Olympian.” 

Brad Craig

U.S. National Champion

Being a clinician has taught me to ‘think outside the pool’.  By that, I mean applying things that I am teaching to other concepts.  Maybe that’s comparing a stroke movement to some sort of movement on land.  It has also taught me to love the sport even more than I have.”

Claire Donahue

2012 Olympian

“I am reminded that swimming is a very detailed sport. If you’re focused on those details at the clinic and every day at practice, things start working in your favor.”

Jimmy Feigen

2012 Olympian

“The biggest skill I’ve gained is the ability to communicate with coaches and swimmers more effectively.”

Mark Gangloff

2004, 2008 Olympian

“It’s taught me that swimming is so much more than doing best times and working hard. Swimming is about the relationships you form with other people.”

Matt Grevers

2008, 2012 Olympian

“Every swimmer has a unique way of getting across the pool, both with their technique and motivation. Individuals also process information differently. If I explain the same idea five different ways, the chances are more people will understand what I’m saying with each new way of explaining it.”

Connor Jaeger

2012 Olympian

“It has really made me appreciate how hard it is to be a teacher and a coach. I wouldn’t say I was taking it for granted before, but I definitely have an even greater appreciation for how hard our coaches are working.”

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