Inside with Brett Hawke: Rohan Taylor

Swimming Australia’s newly appointed Head Coach, Rohan Taylor takes over for Jacco Verhaeren in the fall. Get to know the new Boss of the Australian swim team. Who is Rohan Taylor and how [...]

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Fitter and Faster Fuel: Egg BLT’s

LEARN HOW TO MAKE A MEAL TO FUEL YOUR SWIMMING Fitter and Faster’s resident nutrition expert Cierra Runge showed us how to make a quintessential dish, the egg BLT! One of the most popular [...]

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Coaches Corner: Challenging your Athletes with Work with Jim Ellis


Date & Time: August 17th, 2020 @ 3pm EST

Suggested Audience: Coaches

Coaches Corner host Mike Murray joins legendary Swim Coach Jim Ellis, the architect of the Philadelphia Department of Recreation (PDR) swim team that cultivated numerous top-ranked age group and [...]

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