Fitter & Faster’s: “Best in Show Moments” All the clips from your favorite FFT show’s!

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Join us here in the Fitter & Faster Best of Show Moments, where you’ll find all of your favorite clips and highlights from some of our best shows, webinars, podcasts and more; including clips from Fitter & Faster Exclusive, Coaches Corner, Fast Times with Jeremy Linn, Fitter & Faster Live and so many more!

Scroll through and find clips that get you PUMPED-UP, or simply to acquire more information on a particular topic that interests you, helps your club, or inspires your swimmers and staff!

Every week we’ll update this page with the latest clips from our programs!

Tom Ugast on Financial Concerns during the Pandemic:

Regan Smith on realizing her dreams:

Brendan Hansen on Driving Success as an athlete & as a coach:

Janet Evans on Pre-Race Nerves:

Olympian & Nutritionist Anita Nall-Richesson on “Simple Switches.”

Olympian Sam Aresenault-Livingstone on Mental Health Certification for Coaches:

NBAC’s Tom Himes on teaching athletes & parents accountability:

John Roy on training outside all year long & why athletes LOVE fresh-air!

Paris Jacobs: Work tirelessly to find solutions during pandemic!

Amy Albiero on Coaching your own children:

Mark Anderson: Building Confidence in young swimmers:

Olympic Track Legend & Gold Medalist Gail Devers, on Practice:


Matt Davis: Prepare your athletes for a variety of training options:

Jon Olsen on the importance of visualization:

Amy Albiero: “Coaches are building lives.”

Ian Murray: Celebrate your staff!

Ian Murray: Critical Action Items for Team Success toward Gold Medal Club Achievement:

Anita Nall-Richesson on Sleep! 

Gail Devers: “I take something positive away from every performance.”

Former National Champion & World Team Member Tom Luchsinger on 200 Butterfly Mantras: 

Matt Davis on using Conference Top 24 times as a recruiting resource:

USA Swimming National Team Member Giles Smith on Butterfly Breathing Techniques:

Tony Batis on allowing your staff to create their own ideas of what works:

Mark Hesse Safe Space to Fail:

Gregg Parini on Elite Swimming in Division 3

Mark Hesse on Athlete Centered Coaching

Jim Ellis on the impact of the Freeland Family

Coach Megan Oesting on Self-Care & Motivation

The new Head Coach of SwimMac talks about Empowering your Athletes

Pine Crest Head Coach & Olympian Mariusz Podkoscielny discusses the challenges of the title: “Swim Coach/Dad.”

Mariusz Podkoscielny, “Focus on one day at a time.”

Mariusz Podkoscielny on Legendary Set while preparing for the 1988 Olympic Games

Mariusz Podkoscielny on Age Group Development in Poland & Physical Literacy

Mariusz Podkoscielny on being a great teammate

Mariusz Podkoscielny on working with parents

Jeff Julian on what #TEAMjeff means to him:

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