How to get the most out of your streamline

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Streamlines are a foundation of swimming. Every swimmer knows what a streamline is and the basics of how to do it. We do it every day off of every wall at practice and at meets. However, there is a big difference between a good streamline and a GREAT streamline. Developing the technique to push off the wall in an EXCELLENT streamline every single time can take a swimmer to a completely new level of racing fast.

 Why Improve Your Streamine

The streamline position is the most efficient way to move through the water because it has the least amount of drag when done correctly. In fact, in the streamline position immediately after the start is the fastest you are ever moving in a race. By reducing the amount of drag in your streamline, swimmers are able to maintain their momentum from their start (and turns) more effectively. This will allow you to race faster and drop time!

Streamlines can always be improved. Even the slightest adjustment can have a huge impact on a swimmer’s speed.

The fastest swimmers in the world are disciplined in perfecting their streamlines and practicing them at every push off. Watch any Olympian (even in warm down) and you will see them execute perfect streamlines every time.

Refining a streamline and then dedicating yourself to intentionally streaming correctly off of every wall is no easy task. It takes swimmers years to make even the smallest improvements. However, we guarantee that if you do, it will absolutely be worth it!

Steps to Perfect Your Streamline

  1. Stand tall with your arms by your sides and squeeze your legs together.
  2. Pull your belly button in and tilt your hips as if you were trying to point your tailbone down towards the ground. Keep your legs straight as you do this!
  3. Suck your ribs in! Don’t let your ribs start to stick out. Bring your ribs closer to your hip bones.
  4. Reach the crown of your head tall while keeping your chin in!
  5. Put one hand stacked directly on top of the other with your top hand thumb wrapped around. Keep your fingertips glued together
  6. Reach your fingertips to the ceiling and squeeze your ears
  7. Shrug your shoulders so that there is no space between your arms and your head!

Watch Nick Thoman teaching proper streamline body position at a recent swim camp!