Build a Kick with Marina Spadoni

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Elite Clinician  and Olympic Trials Qualifier Marina Spadoni demonstrates her favorite underwater dolphin kicking drill! This drill allows a swimmer to feel and find the best size dolphin kick for maximum speed.

A few key tips for faster underwater dolphin kicking:

  • Tight Streamline: Stay tight in a streamline off of every start and turn by squeezing your arms on your ears, keeping your core engaged, and keeping your legs together. DRAG IS THE ENEMY and will prevent you from getting further and faster with your dolphin kicks.
  • Kick from your core: Too many swimmers try to just kick from their knees down. Be sure to use bigger and stronger muscles through your core to create more power with each kick.
  • Find the right size and number: Every swimmer is different so experiment with the proper size and number of dolphin kicks to find the right balance for you!

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