Inside with Brett Hawke: Ambrose “Rowdy” Gaines IV

By Fitter and Faster Staff

The voice of American swimming and water safety: ROWDY GAINES!

The two Auburn sprinters discuss…

His new role at USA Swimming as the Director of Community Development.
The 1980 experience in relationship to today’s COVID-19 landscape. “Acceptance and motivation.”
8 long years.
Providing perspective to Caeleb Dressel, David Marsh, and the Indiana pros.
5 years at Auburn.
Working as a night clerk at a hotel in Austin, Texas.
Winning 3 gold medals in 1984. “I really wasn’t that good in 1984.” Got 7th in the 200. Was super lucky to even make the team individually as he barely came 2nd in the 100 at Trials. “I deserve to be in this moment because I worked my butt off.”
We all have this moment. Jason Lezak.
Turning your brain off for that moment. Breaking down the 100 Freestyle.
Retiring after 1984 Olympics. Swimming Masters. Qualifying for 88 Trials. Going to OT’s with David Marsh.
“How do you think those 3 golds changed your life?” – Brett
1984 had some special athletes.
America was waiting 8 years for these performances and athletes.
Developing himself into a long lasting commentator. Commentating 32 NCAA Championships and soon to be 8th Olympics and the differences between the two. His top gift is passion.
“When everyone hates me it’s perfect!” – Rowdy on talking about Auburn too much AND too little.
Talk to me about Richard Quick. “Could not have done it without him.”
Richard changing his start.

And much, much more!