Inside with Brett Hawke: Mel Marshall

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Mel Marshall is the Head Coach of the London Roar. Adam Peaty, Luke Greenbank, and now Anna Hopkin swim under Mel’s guidance at Loughborough University, where British Swimming houses 1 of its 3 high performance centers.

Give us an update. What is happening right now with your team?
“It’s just a privilege to be able to go and race.” – Mel Marshall
Mel thinks 6 weeks of racing is great prep for the Olympics
Will know more by Friday, Sept 18. If Australians can’t come, they will need to fill their rosters ASAP.
Talk to me about your own swimming career. How has it helped you as a coach?
Communicating as a coach. Coaching with masculine traits and feminine traits.
In 2004, you were the #1 ranked swimmer in the world going into the Olympics. What happened?
Periodizing your positive communication to your athletes.

All about Adam Peaty…
How do you know when to push an athlete?
Spending a lot of informal time with Adam.
His technique.
How does he not slip water when rating up?
Studied a lot about the way Japan was teaching breaststroke.
“He was like a sponge.” – Mel Marshall
What separates him? How do you think becoming a Dad will effect him? Traffic light management.
How do you get someone to believe they can go 56?
What’s the equation for the 100 Breast? “Optimal Details”
“How do you build that mental giant into somebody?” – Brett

Luke Greenbank. “I’ve messed this up and I’m going to get it right for you.” – Mel Marshall
Adam Peaty 50’s Set

And much more!