Inside with Brett Hawke: Katie McLaughlin

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Katie McLaughlin is a member of the LA Current. She specializes in 100-200 Free and 100-200 Fly. She swam for historical Mission Viejo growing up and the University of California in college.

She’s currently swimming for the LA Current of the International Swimming League.
Still training in Berkeley, California where she swam in college. How’s the air quality up there due to the fires? What did you get your degree in?
What was it like growing up with athletic parents? They wouldn’t let me specialize. Katie loves soccer. But she always knew swimming was her true love. She loved the social aspect.
“I got to go hang out with my friends every day.” – Katie McLaughlin
Being relieved at 2013 World Trials after getting 3rd in the 2 Fly.
What was it like being one of the top recruits? Why’d you choose Cal?
Swam for Bill Rose at Mission Viejo. What was different under Teri McKeever?
Advice for high school swimmers getting recruited.
How has Teri taught you to be a great teammate? How does she push you? Coaching to be the best racers not the best trainers.
Breaking her neck as a Freshman. Why don’t you like talking about it?
Who got the best out of you on the team? Amy Bilquist. Kathleen Baker. Jenna Campbell.
What motivates you? Finding new ways to become the best swimmer I can be.
How was year 1 of the ISL swimming for the LA Current? SCM was fun. Heading to Budapest for 6 weeks.
Do you have a love hate relationship with the 2 Fly? Not defining my swimming career around 1 event.
100 Fly and 200 Free
What’s going on in your head behind the blocks?
Talk to me about Jack Roach.