Coaches Corner: Finding Your Why, McGee Moody

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Find Your Why!

Suggested Audience: Coaches, Parents, Athletes & Team Administrators

SHOW DATE: Wednesday, April 7th, Recorded. 

McGee Moody has seen it all in his almost 3-decade long career; working with some of the best programs in the nation, coaching athletes to the Olympic Games, NCAA top 5 finishes, All-American awards, and helping lead our USA Swimming National Teams. McGee recently announced his retirement as the Head Coach of the University of South Carolina; he and Coaches Corner host, Mike Murray, discuss what it takes to balance a life in the coaching business, finding your inspiration and delivering the best version of yourself for your swimmers, your staff, and most importantly, your family.

This episode is filled with advice for all coaches, especially younger coaches just beginning a career in the sport; while also discussing the significance of living a balanced life. You can find one of our world-class swim camps by clicking this link! Search your area and find a Fitter & Faster camp that fits your needs today!

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