Jack Conger leads clinics with two of his VIP’s

By Fitter and Faster Staff
The past two weekends Fitter and Faster had a couple of clinics in which Olympic gold medalist Jack Conger was one of the clinicians… and we want to tell you about them because they had two super special people in his life joining him to help create for a memorable/valuable learning experience for the participants, coaches and parents.
The clinics in Lewisville, TX featured his age group coach Sue Chen.   The clinics in Eaglesville, PA featured his mom – Bridget Conger! How cool is that?!?!
Here’s what we did:
​In Lewisville, TX, on the weekend of September 29 and 30, Conger ​was one of the clinicians at a four session clinic focusing on butterfly, breaststroke, open turns and underwater dolphin kicking​Most of the participants participated in two sessions specific to their age group and ability. ​​All of the sessions were either sold out at 48 participants – or close to it. We paired Jack up with elite clinicians Nick Thoman​, Andrew Appleby and we had the great pleasure to pair Jack up with his age group swim coach, Sue Chen​! 

Coach Sue Chen speaks with 14-year-old Jack Conger at a swim meet in 2007 or 2008 – about 9 years before he made the Olympic team in 2016.

Sue was Jack’s coach was from the time he was 12​-​years​-​old until he left for college. ​We loved the opportunity to bring Jack and Sue together as professionals​ to work together with age group swimmers at a wide range of levels. Jack was in the water helping participants with their body position and other technique along with Nick and Andrew while Sue was on deck. The dynamic between the entire group was electric. Participants were getting faster. 

Sue and Jack moments after he qualified for the 2016 Olympic Team!


David Arluck, Fitter and Faster’s director even received a call a few days after the clinic from Lakeside Aquatics’ head age group coach Craig Harris saying that one of his 12-year-old female swimmers participated in a meet the day after the clinic. Her entry time was a 1:06 in the 100 fly… she dropped a 1:01 at the meet. We’re sure that a lot more than just the clinic contributed to that time drop, but we’re sure it helped a bit.
Throughout the weekend, attendees (including coaches, parents and swimmers) were able to ask Jack and Sue questions about Jack’s development as an age group swimmer and his progression into an elite level athlete who became one of the top recruits in the country. Jack ultimately went to the ​U​niversity of Texas where he went on to win several NCAA titles and make the 2016 Olympic team that competed in Rio. ​Other elite level, Olympic coaches who have led many sessions of Fitter and Faster clinics over the past few months include Bruce GemmellTodd Schmitz, and Brett Hawke.
 I thought there was a good ratio of swimmers to coaches. My daughter was able to get some individual help. I thought it was great that the coaches also got in the water and showed the kids what was being discussed. I like to open QA at the end. I think there we just as many parents that had questions then kids.​” – Greg, parent of swimming participant​ in Lewisville, TX
​It was just the weekend prior, ​that Jack ​led his ​FIRST ​Fitter and Faster ​clinics ever along ​with another VIP in his life – his mom, Bridget Con​g​er​! They were joined by elite clinicians and University of Virginia coach – Austin Surhoff

Jack Conger (center) led his first Fitter and Faster swim clinics the weekend of September 21, 2018 in Eagleville, PA. He was joined by his mom, Bridget – who led a special session for parents and elite clinician Austin Surhoff.


We always enjoy sending swimmers with their parents for a few reasons: 

1. Often times the clinicians and their parents don’t live near each other because of the clinician’s training or professional situation. So, sending them to clinics together is a super nice thing we are able to do sometimes. 
2. The parents we send lead really informative sessions for the parents of participants. They talk about balancing school and swimming, relationships with coaches, responsibilities, nutrition and and other issues related to raising a well rounded elite level athlete. 
Other parents of Olympians we have sent to clinics in the past include Chloe’s Sutton’s mom – Wendy; Cammile Adams’ dad – Eddie; Clark and Caroline Burckle’s mom – Jill; Peter Vanderkaay’s mom – Robin; ​and others.  We also enjoy sending Olympians who are now parents themselves!
“This was our second clinic in which Austin Surhoff was a clinician and I would like to say he’s incredible with the kids. He is well spoken, clear and loud enough for everyone to hear and put things in terms the younger kids could understand. I was very impressed by him and the time he took with the kids Jack Conger was also good with the kids and taking time to help with techniques.” – Michelle, Parent of swimmer in Eagleville, PA
 So, that’s the wrap-up on two super special weekends with Jack Conger. We loved them along with the dozens of other clinics we held the last two weeks in Nebraska, Iowa, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington, Virginia, Georgia and more!
We want to do more clinics this winter! Please drop us an email and let us know where you are!
Most swimmers benefit from having midseason clinics.  We know it’s hard to find the time during November, December and January, but it’s so worth looking at the calendar.  Coaches and board members are encouraged to set up an appointment with us to strategize on curriculums that will help all the swimmers on your team.  We are still booking November and December clinics plus all of 2019. The weekend right after Thanksgiving (November 24 and 25) is always a great time to have clinics. So, please reach on out