What are our Elite Clinicians Most Thankful For?

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Kierra Smith

“I am most thankful for my parents support! They helped me every step of the way to the Olympics in any way they could. Endlessly thankful!!! I am also so thankful to my coaches at the University of Minnesota for the support over many years!”

   – Kierra Smith (Two-Time Olympian)


“In my swimming career, I am most thankful for the lifelong friendships I have made and the teammates that have become family.” 

   – Kristen Romano (Puerto Rican Worlds Team Member)


“The people that have encouraged me, taught me, and shown me the beauty in swimming. There have been so many people in my swim career that have helped pick me up when I was down, and brought me back to reality. I am so privileged to me able to compete in this sport. I am so lucky to get to do it with amazing people and coaches. Finding the beauty is something that they reminded me to do often, and it brought all of the perspective back.”

   – Izzy Schone (ACC Qualifier at Boston College)


“The coaches, supporting staff, and local communities that helped support my career to swim at the top of my game. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for everyone that beleived in me throughout my career.”

   – Tucker Dupree (Four Time Paralympic Medalist)


“I am most thankful for the opportunity to build a fantastic work ethic, humility, patience, and lifelong relationships that will benefit me in every endeavor I approach in life.”

   – Cole Bruns (4 x SMU School Record Holder)


“That I can still swim at a high level at age 34.”

   – Brandon Fischer


“I am thankful for the amazing teammates and coaches I have met along the way!”

   – Mallory Jump


I am most thankful for the challenge swimming has put in front of me each and every day. It’s amazing, the amount of people who go through life, rarely having to do anything mentally difficult. Swimming’s greatest side-effect is bringing out the extraordinary character of ordinary people.

   – Davis Edwards


All of the friends I made, and the skills and confidence it gave me that have translated into my professional career!

   – Amy Bilquist