By Fitter and Faster Staff


Swimmers from across the world submitted hundreds of entries to our Coach’s Vacation Contest! A panel of Fitter and Faster clinicians have selected the 10 finalists!

The top two entries will win American Express points to be used towards flights, hotels and/or car rentals.

>>> First prize: 100,000 American Express points (Value of approximately $1,000 cash)
>>> Second prize: 50,000 American Express points (Value of approximately $500 cash)

The deadline for voting is May 18th!

Congratulations to all of the nominees and finalists!

The Finalists are… (Entries have been edited for grammar and some for length)

    • “He might be tough on the outside, but on the inside he’s a softy. He deserves a break from coaching and a small vacation would be perfect and this would be a great gift. Thank you guys for this opportunity and what you guys do is great keep up the good work for the sport.”
    • Coach Graham Bodner is that special coach that our son was lucky enough to have early on in his swim career. To us, it doesn’t matter if our son stays at his current level of swimming or ends up in the Olympics, we are just grateful for the clear footprint that Coach Graham has made on our son’s life.”
    • “Scott has never stopped being a positive influence over our club, especially during the last year. Scott works tirelessly coaching 4 teams (club, junior high and high school boys and girls) resulting in many 15 hour days and long stretches without a day off. Scott always has a smile on his face and truly wants the best for all of the members of our team.”
    • “During complete lock down, Coach Rob used this time to work individually with EACH swimmer and point out what they can improve. My son swears that during these 1 on 1 practices, he learned more than ever. As soon as lock downs were lifted, Coach Rob immediately got kids competing against other high schools, clubs, and amongst themselves. He didn’t care who, what or where…As long as THEY WERE SWIMMING!!! So looking back on everything I feel so humble, grateful and proud to belong to this team. Because Coach Rob did ALL of this with such enthusiasm and hard work…Imagine where he will take us.”
    • “My coach Crystal is phenomenal. She is an excellent technician and she just beams with her love for our team and for the sport…She has helped me grow in many ways, she has pushed to be better, she challenges me at all the right times, and she has kept my love for the sport alive and well. Crystal is also a powerful woman in a male-dominated sport, and she has made a great reputation for herself within the community, just ask anyone who knows her. I think Crystal deserves this vacation because of all the work she puts in every single day, in order for us to be able to do what we love.”
    • “Coach Jennifer is not just a swim coach. Her interaction with the swimmers goes beyond training for swim. They reach a more personal level. She is uplifting and supportive whether it be a swim issue or something going on outside of swim. She works tirelessly, not just for her direct team or the club as a whole, but for the entire swim community. She is AMAZING!”
    • “Nathan found his swimmers places to swim that would work with the restrictions it included a river or two, a reservoir, a pond, a couple pools out of the county and then a small outdoor pool nearby. Not only did he keep our swimmers in the water for much of the time he would also share pools or water time with other nearby clubs. He has been steadfast for our team and other clubs in the area. Oregon Remains in tight restrictions but I am sure our club will come out the other side of this.”
    • “Coach Hannah, helps us swimmers get better by pushing us more than we think we can push ourselves, she cares about her swimmers and how well they do, and how hard they try. She wants what’s best for us. Everyone appreciates everything she does for our team.”
    • “Coach Erin has tirelessly worked to keep our kids in the pool despite all the changing rules and regulations in our state of NJ. After NJ closed all team indoor practices in December she found an outdoor pool an hour away that we could continue to train in! While the kids were in 80 degree water she was pacing a cold winter weather pool deck for 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time! Surrounded by mountains of snow she blasted music and made the best of it. She also builds are kids up and encourages them to be the best version of themselves in and out of the pool!”
    • “Coach Allison deserves this prize because she has worked really hard and loves swimming. Likewise, she’s extremely passionate and cares about us. Plus, she brightens up the mood in and outside of practice. For instance, she took her swimmers to High Five and did many other activities like the White Elephant Gift Exchange. We all had a blast there. She’s very trusting, fun, and always prepared. This is why I think Allison Brol deserves this prize!”
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