Fitter and Faster Crossword Puzzle

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Test your swimming knowledge with this crossword puzzle!

2. The state where Clark Smith attended college
3. The number of years Fitter and Faster has been in operation
5. Family of 4 sisters who all swam at the University of Michigan (last name)
6. A drill in which the swimmer gently moves their forearms and hands back and forth through the water
8. The term meaning to withdraw from an event at a meet
13. What swimmers call exercise out of the pool
14. Katie Meili’s favorite stroke
16. Coaches the Colorado Stars (last name)
17. The country where the Olympics were held in 2012
18. Nils Wich-Glasen is from this country
21. What every swimmer should do every time they push off the wall
23. Olympic silver medalist in distance freestyle who competed at the University of Michigan (last name)
25. 2012 Olympic gold medalist in the 200 backstroke
26. The fastest part of a swimming race

1. This person has been to the Olympics twice as a swimmer and three times as a coach (last name)
2. The number of medals earned by Gary Hall Jr.
4. You hope these don’t fall off when you dive in the water
7. The National Champion in the 200 butterfly in 2013
9. The fist stroke in the IM
10. Fitter and Faster clinician who is a backstroker from South Africa (first name)
11. Fitter and Faster’s Vice President and a two-time Olympian(first name)
12. Fitter and Faster’s founder (last name)
15. Three-time Olympian from New Zealand (last name)
16. A device that allows a swimmer to breathe when their face is in the water
19. The university Michael Duderstadt attended
20. The country Elvis Burrows represented in the Olympics
22. The location of the 2020 Olympics (city)
24. The number of lengths in a short course 200