Dryland for Swimmers with Atiba Wade

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Elite swimmers know that a strong dryland program can compliment the training that you do in the pool. It is incredibly important to strengthen muscles on land if you plan on becoming a successful swimmer!

Elite Coach Atiba Wade has been putting together videos demonstrating exercises that directly relate to techniques that all swimmers use while swimming. These exercises can be done by swimmers of all ages and ability levels!

As you go through these exercises, think about the stroke technique highlighted in the video you see next to Atiba. Then, the next time you go to practice, focus on the muscles you felt activating in the dryland exercises!

Below are 3 videos with examples of drills and exercises made just for swimmers!

Breaststroke Super Set

2 exercises to work on extension and core strength through the glide phase of your breaststroke

Dry Fly

Try these 2 versions of “Dry Fly”! These exercises focus on back strength and length in your butterfly recovery.

3 Lifts for Swimmers

These 3 lifts should only be done for swimmers who have already established a lifting routine with the help of a coach. These 3 lifts engage and strengthen muscles that are important in all 4 strokes!