Online, Online Fitness Program

Past Clinic: Strength & Athleticism for Swimmers Ages 13 & Over

Mon, Jan, 25 2021 - Sat, Mar, 20 2021

Online, Online Fitness Program

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Past Clinic


Strength & Athleticism for Swimmers Ages 13 & Over – Sign up for one “Cycle” of SAVE by signing up for 2 or more! Each Cycle that you sign up for consists of 8 classes over 4 weeks.  We recommend that swimmers ages 13 and up sign up for 2 to 4 classes per week.

This unique, small-group training program is designed specifically for swimmers to optimize their functional fitness and foundational strength. This course will increase the athlete’s strength, injury prevention skills, physical literacy, athleticism and prepares swimmers for continued development in both dry-land and pool training.

Learn and practice specific movements that translate to power and propulsion in the water! Whether you don’t have access to your training pool, or you’re looking for some extra dryland to build strength and fitness, this is the PERFECT course for you!

Each ticket that you purchase is for one “Cycle” which consists of 8 classes over 4 weeks! Each week will have a specific focus – scroll down for more information about the curriculum! We encourage you to try cycles with various instructors to experience different styles. Also, if you really enjoy working with any particular instructors to make sure to sign up for their next cycle before their current cycle has concluded!

Leading each course will be: 

  • Atiba Wade (Mondays & Wednesdays @ 2 PM EST/11 AM PST):
    Atiba is passionate about fitness and one of the leading innovators for dry-land training! In addition to being a NCAA All-American and Olympic Trials qualifier at the University of Georgia, Atiba’s inventive approach, enthusiasm and genuine desire to develop better swimmers will inspire you to reach your goals. Coach Atiba’s energy will make your class experience exciting & encouraging as you develop skills toward overall improvement on land and in the pool!
  • Cierra Runge (Wednesdays & Saturdays) @ 2 PM EST/11 AM PST):
    Cierra Runge is a 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist, Yoga & Fitness enthusiast, and self-described “foodie.” Cierra enjoys working with young athletes and hopes to inspire them to believe that anything is possible with the right attitude and effort. Cierra’s kind, engaging, inspirational personality will create a wonderful class environment for all participants; maybe she’ll even share some tips on her favorite pre-race meals!
  • Kim Vandenberg (Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5 PM EST/2 PM PST):
    Kim Vandenberg is an Olympic Medalist and certified Yoga instructor with many years of experience. A Fitter & Faster clinician and elite-level athlete, she has expert technical knowledge. Kim has a passion for mentoring young athletes and encourages them to enjoy their unique journey in the sport of swimming; her vibrant, energetic and compassionate personality will resonate with swimmers at all levels, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned athlete.

Suggested Participants

We recommend that swimmers ages 13 & up sign up for 2 to 4 classes per week. Each class will be 45 minutes long and each cycle will consist of 8 classes over 4 weeks.


Each phase of each Cycle will challenge athletes by teaching them specific functional & foundational skills, emphasizing the critical use of proper movement & technique. Our phases are designed to address key movements that develop essential basics that carry into each progressive level of your swimming career. This course is designed to enable participants to begin their training with us during any phase of the course. As you advance through the training phases your elite clinician will tailor the exercises specific to you!

  • WEEK ONE - MOBILITY: Participants will practice infused mobility and application of proper static & dynamic stretching. This phase will improve your ability to understand how to prepare your body to train and compete at a high level by incorporating swimmer specific exercises.
  • WEEK TWO - CORE STABILITY & STRENGTH: The workouts in this phase will focus on the abdominal muscles, back, and obliques - YOUR CORE! A strong core is imperative to swim with a fast and connected stroke. The fastest swimmers in the world work endlessly on building core strength, balance, and stability. It's the foundation of every stroke, start, and turn.
  • WEEK THREE - EXPLOSIVE POWER & STRENGTH: Create dynamic power to explode off every start and turn! The workouts during this phase will be all about jumps and powerful quick movements to develop the fast twitch muscles. These exercises are important to build faster reaction times, resulting in more speed during key points of every race.
  • WEEK FOUR - ATHLETICISM, COORDINATION, & STRENGTH: Better athletes on land will develop to be better swimmers in the water. In this phase, our elite clinician will work with participants to practice dynamic and compound movements to build athleticism and coordination. Your swimmer will challenge their brain while simultaneously challenging their body by practicing movements that develop extremely specific and important connections that translate to efficiency and propulsion in the pool.

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