Watertown, CT

High Performance Stroke Technique Camp

Sat, Nov, 13 2021 - Sun, Nov, 14 2021

Watertown High School
324 French St, Watertown, CT 06795


This 2-day clinic is specifically designed for you to strengthen your technique in all 4 strokes (+ the IM!)! Sign up for individual sessions or SAVE when you purchase a Bundle! 

Saturday, November 13: High Performance Butterfly & Breaststroke Technique (Short Axis)
Sunday, November 14: High Performance Backstroke & Freestyle Technique (Long Axis)

Scroll down for more details on the curriculum!

Session times (Both Days):
11 & Under: Check in 8:45 AM, Clinic 9-11:30 AM
12 & Over: Check in 12 PM,  Clinic 12:15-3:15 PM

Session sizes are limited to 24 participants for a more profound learning experience!

Suggested Participants

These camps are designed for swimmers with a minimum of one-year of competitive swimming experience all the way up to AAAA times and faster. Swimmers younger than 9 years old are not invited without submitting their times or swimming history to Fitter and Faster.


Saturday, November 13: Butterfly and Breaststroke Technique

Participants will work with Olympian Christopher Reid to improve on the nuances of balancing power and fluid rhythm in two of the most dynamic athletic movements; Butterfly and Breaststroke. Elite butterfliers and Breaststrokers maintain forward momentum by setting up a strong catch with a perfectly timed kick. They are committed to perfecting their distance per stroke and maintaining a horizontal body position while maintaining rhythm. Swimmers will work to make these habits their own!

  • BUTTERFLY: Perfect the complexities of balancing power and fluid rhythm in one of the most dynamic athletic strokes. Elite butterfliers maintain forward momentum by setting an immediate high catch with a perfectly timed kick. They are committed to a breathing pattern, perfecting their distance per stroke, and maintaining a horizontal body position. Christopher Reid will help your swimmer become committed to these same skills to create better habits every time they swim butterfly!
  • BREASTSTROKE: Learn to utilize the same technique and strategies as world-class breaststrokers. Swimmers will continue the process of reducing drag in this rhythmic stroke. We will focus on the timing of the kick and pull; swimming in a horizontal plane with a small powerful kick; keeping the hips high throughout the whole stroke; and generating forward power in their recovery.

Sunday, November 14: Backstroke & Freestyle Technique

Freestyle and backstroke are called the “long axis” strokes because swimmers rotate their hips and torso from side to side. Freestyle and backstroke utilize the same kick, body position, posture, rotation, and an early catch; improve these complex skills to become a faster and more powerful swimmer! Christopher Reid will demonstrate drills and skills to break down these strokes into easy-to-understand movements that will come together for a faster, stronger, and more efficient stroke technique.

  • FREESTYLE: Participants will reinforce holding a straight and solid body line so that they can cut through the water with less drag. Practice keeping a still and low head position (especially during the breath!) while driving a strong flutter kick. Christopher Reid will also teach participants how to get an early and powerful press backward on the water in the arm pull to get more out of every stroke.
  • BACKSTROKE: Engaging your core not only allows swimmers to swim stronger but also allows them to hold the proper body position. Christopher Reid will help participants learn the importance of rotation and use it to their advantage for more power in each stroke. The arm pull-in backstroke should press the water all the way through using the whole arm to achieve maximum propulsion. Backstrokers are often the fastest kickers on their teams; find out why and learn to have a stronger kick!


Swimmers and parents are invited to ask the clinicians questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into their training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.


Observe the clinicians swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient, and fast swimming.


Swimmers will get to practice what they've learned by taking their stroke to top speed with one of the best swimmers in the world! They'll work on holding onto their form while challenging themselves.

Take a photo withthe clinicians, get autographs, and ALL PARTICIPANTS receive a FREE Fitter and Faster Swim Cap!