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Coaches Corner: From Age Grouper to Olympian, Patience with The Process of Development

(Thursday, August 13 @ 3pm EST)

Suggested audience

Coaches and Parents

Led by:

Show Host Mike Murray and Olympic Gold Medalist Brendan Hansen

Join Mike Murray and USA Swimming Director of Team Services, Brendan Hansen, as they discuss the significance of having patience with the process of development within the sport. Brendan was a multi-time NCAA Champion and All-American at Texas, Multi-time Olympic Medalist, World Record Holder and holds a place in history as one of the fastest breaststrokers to ever live. There is no doubt that Brendan is a cinch for the Swimming Hall of Fame and there is arguably no one in the swimming world that can better relate to this conversation as well as Brendan. Mike and Brendan will take a deep dive into the fragile world of being a young swim star and the determination, perseverance, dedication, and commitment to the process it takes to reach the elite levels in the sport.