Volunteer Program

So many people – thousands – have volunteered their time to help out at Fitter and Faster swim clinics: Parents, coaches, facility employees, teachers, lifeguards and so many more.

We have built relationships with our volunteers, many of whom we call friends. Many continue to assist us each time we are in town. Several, have even gone on to become Event Managers for the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour, running clinics in their region or in other parts of the USA and Canada.

We value each volunteer’s gift of time and  the qualities they bring to personalize Fitter and Faster clinics. Each volunteer plays an important roll in making each clinic a very special day for everyone in attendance. Sometimes we even hear from participants that the clinic was the “best day of their lives”… volunteers played a role in that – and we’re so appreciative.

Each volunteer is welcomed as a member of our FFT Team for the day. Before each clinic begins, the volunteers have a meet-n-greet with the clinicians and receive a special gift for their time.

Volunteers assist in a variety of ways such as greeting participants at check in, selling merchandise, taking pictures and assisting with pack up.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers. We appreciate you so much.