Interactive, Online Yoga Program

Past Clinic: Yoga Program for Swimmers: Ages 12 & Under

Mon, Jun, 08 2020 - Fri, Jul, 03 2020

Interactive, Online Yoga Program

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Past Clinic


Small Session Yoga Program for Swimmers – Save by signing up for a full four-week cycle!

***Each online class is designed specifically for only 12 swimmers ages 12 & Under!

Receive feedback and improve your strength, stability, and flexibility with this Yoga program! Swimmers will learn poses and exercises used by high level swimmers to improve athletic performance and prevent injury. Work with an Olympic medalist (who is also a yoga instructor) in small groups throughout this program and become a better athlete! 

Participants in this program will become stronger and more athletic swimmers, prepared to practice at a higher level and race faster.

This program includes:

  • 8 workouts per 4 week cycle – 2 each week
  • 12 participants maximum
  • Each class is one hour long
  • Specific for swimmers ages 12 & under
  • Participants will be given suggestions for extra workouts to do on the days that there is no live online class
  • Each class will be designed and led by Olympic medalist and yoga teacher Kim Vandenberg. 

Sign up for one week or SAVE by signing up for the whole 4 week program!

Leading this course is Olympic medalist Kim Vandenberg. Kim has also studied yoga and psychology. She is in the process of completing her 200-hour yoga teacher certification. Kim’s unique combination of swimming and yoga experience makes her the perfect teacher to work with your swimmer to improve their performance.

June 8-July 3
Monday & Friday 6:00 PM ET

Suggested Participants

Swimmers ages 12 and younger should sign up for this program.


4 Week Yoga Program for Swimmers

This yoga program is designed to help swimmers develop more strength, stability, and flexibility by flowing through poses and postures designed specifically for swimmers. Olympic medalist Kim Vandenberg will meet with this small group of swimmers twice a week for 4 weeks. Swimmers who complete this program will feel stronger and more balanced both mentally and physically!

  • Improve strength: Holding and flowing through yoga poses helps swimmers build their muscle strength from head to toe! Every class will guide swimmers through challenging movements, all while being observed and receiving feedback from Kim.
  • Better Balance and Stability: Swimming is a sport that requires a lot of balance and stability. The core is the foundation of these qualities. Yoga is such an incredible compliment to swimming because the same concepts apply. Kim will help swimmers develop better core strength to be more balanced and connected in the water.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is not only important to being able to swim the strokes correctly, but also to prevent injury. Gently stretching in a yoga class can greatly improve a swimmer's range of motion.

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