Luis Martinez


  • Birthday: December 11, 1995
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Hometown: Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • College: Auburn University
  • Coach: Brett Hawke


  • 2016 Olympian (Guatemala)
  • 2017 World Championships Qualifier
  • 3x NCAA All-American


Whether it’s watching MythBusters to discover a passion for engineering, or falling in love with his sport after moving to the U.S., Luis Martinez finds a new way to be inspired each day. Hailing from Guatemala City, Luis spent much of his career learning through trial-and-error.

“Being a swimmer from a country that doesn’t really emphasize swimming as a viable sport for young kids, I have had to observe and learn a lot of things by watching other professional swimmers. I have learned how certain things work and how certain things don’t work, and I try my best to show that as a clinician.”

After moving to the United States to prepare for collegiate swimming, Luis locked in with a positive mindset. Discovering that “this truly was the place [he] wanted to be,” he decided to abide by the age-old recipe for success: pursuing his dreams with unbridled vigor. Setting lofty but attainable goals by the season, Luis credits this approach for his perseverance and “never give up” mantra. This is precisely the message he hopes to convey to young swimmers, as Luis is partnering with Fitter and Faster to teach his students the skills he wishes he would’ve learned earlier.

“I really enjoy teaching butterfly because that is my primary stroke. I also really like teaching underwaters and giving swimmers tips about proper kick and pull timing, as well as breathing at the right moments. [I focus on] the things I’ve found that make the biggest difference on race day.”

Despite his bag of tricks, Luis also emphasizes the importance of repetition and hard work in his clinics. Claiming that “all the things you learn aren’t supposed to be easy,” Luis makes sure his swimmers know how to carry new knowledge out of the clinic and into the next day’s practice.

“The details are extremely important, and you have to practice them every single day to be great.”

Even with his long list of accomplishments and unmatched intensity, Luis manages to find the most value in the intangibles of the sport. Despite having competed at the highest level, Luis puts more stock in swimming’s life lessons than his medals.

“I think the biggest thing I have learned, amongst many others like responsibility,

time management, and team work, has been being humble. Being humble is respecting the steps you have taken to be where you are. For many athletes, it is the ability to achieve great things like being an Olympian, NCAA Champion, or Olympic Champion, and still remembering where you came from and staying true to yourself. [That is] an outstanding quality to have, both in sports and life.”

It’s no secret that this kind of self-awareness can translate to sports performance, which is precisely why Luis invests in his participants as people and athletes. Breaking down the strokes into easy-to-manage parts, Luis is known for his clear delivery, patience, and empathy. Welcoming questions and requests, Luis hopes to tailor each clinic to the specific needs of his participants, while cultivating curiosity in the next generation of world-class swimmers.

Do you want a leg-up on race day while investing in your personal growth? Sign up for one of Luis’ clinics today!