Chloe Sutton


  • Birthday: February 3, 1992
  • Hometown: Vandenberg AFB, California
  • Now Resides: Denver, Colorado
  • College: University of Southern New Hampshire
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Coach: Bill Rose


2008 Olympian (10km Marathon Swim)
2012 Olympian (400m freestyle)
The ONLY American Woman to swim in the Olympics in both open water and pool swimming
2010 Pan Pacific gold medalist (400m freestyle)
Five-time USA Swimming National Champion
Has 5 medals from major International competitions


When swimmers are plucked from their natural habitat of a chlorinated pool and plopped into open water, most of them shake a little in their suits. This scenario was not the case for Chloe Sutton!

Earning several medals in international open water and pool competitions, Sutton has the guts of a champion and a passion for developing young swimmers into courageous competitors.

“I retired from swimming because I found something that I was even more passionate about—and that’s teaching swimming with Fitter and Faster.” (Blog post from Sutton: An Olympian’s Favorite Set)

Not many coaches can claim to be experts in both open water and pool swimming, nor can they always communicate proper techniques and race strategies effectively. This, among many other reasons, is why swimmers travel from far and wide to participate in Chloe’s clinics.

A clinic with Chloe will change your swimmer’s physical and mental training by breaking down the basics of perfect body positioning and awareness from the fingertips to the toes.

From perfect streamlines and head positions to proper upper- and lower-body connections, swimmers will be encouraged to leave their comfort zones to try a new way of moving through the water. It just might set their trajectory to swimming success! “My goal is to make sure that every swimmer feels like they had a special moment with me and plenty of individual feedback. I get hands-on and go from lane to lane, stopping every swimmer to give correction or praise,” Sutton says.

Chloe intuitively instructs until seeing proper technique “click” into place and the swimmer’s entire demeanor changes. “Seeing a swimmer grow a few inches taller and shine a little brighter is what gets me excited not just about teaching technique, but also about persistence, inquisitiveness and resilience through the sport.”

Cultivating resilience is crucial for athletes to improve. Is your swimmer going through a rut in training or racing? Chloe can help with that:

“Swimming has prepared me to face all of life’s challenges with a positive attitude. I got through insanely hard practices and devastating defeats only to dive right back into the water.” She is willing and open to sharing these natural and necessary ups and downs that ultimately lead to becoming a tougher, faster swimmer.

Whether you’re just beginning to swim or pushing the next barrier in competition, you can gain valuable skills in just one weekend. “I was once just like them. I was a little girl with a big dream and a lot of persistence who decided that nobody was going to get in my way. They can do the same thing!”

Get the edge you need by booking her for your next clinic!

Participant Feedback from Chloe's Clinics

“I thought she was excellent with the kids and taught in a clear manner for understanding what she wanted them to do. I appreciate her ability to keep the kids focused.” -Eva, from Needham/Brighton, MA

“Chloe did an amazing job! She was very personable and could tell she loves kids. Loved that it was so hands on!”

Swim Videos on Demand

Chloe is a featured elite swimmer on Fitter and Faster’s Swim Video on Demand service. On her videos, Chloe demonstrates many drills and full stroke swimming. The underwater footage and explanations are phenomenal.

Claire Donahue