Interactive, Online Training Class

Past Clinic: Mind, Body, Balance: Ages 12 & Older

Wed, May, 06 2020 - Fri, May, 29 2020

Interactive, Online Training Class

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Past Clinic

Event Detail

Strength for Mind and Body Workout Class – Save by signing up for the full four-week program!

*** This online program is designed specifically for only 12 swimmers ages 12 & Older!

Receive feedback and improve both mentally and physically with this online program! Participants will learn exercises and skills used by high level swimmers to build strength and flexibility while also improving their mindfulness and confidence. Participants in this program will work with an Olympic medalist who is also a yoga teacher and mindfulness coach to develop the skills necessary to improve athletic performance!

Swimmers who complete this program can expect to walk away stronger and more prepared to face any challenge and race fast once they’re back in the water. 

Each week will have a different focus:

  • Week 1: Balance
  • Week 2: Creating Stability
  • Week 3: Finding your Center
  • Week 4: Breath Work

This program will include:

  • 8 workouts – 2 each week
  • 12 participants maximum
  • Each class is 45 minutes long
  • Specific for swimmers ages 12 & Older
  • Participants will progress through both mental training and physical exercises to build strength and mindfulness
  • Schedule: Every Wednesday & Friday from 4-5 PM ET (May 4-25)

Each class will be designed and led by Olympic medalist Kim Vandenberg. Along with being an Olympian, Kim is also a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and swim coach. Her diverse experience will greatly benefit any participant by improving their physical and mental strength to become faster swimmers!

Suggested Participants

This class is for any swimmer age 12 & older. Please bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.



This program is designed for swimmers ages 12 & older to find calm, focus, and their own inner strength through dryland movements and other techniques. Olympic medalist Kim Vandenberg will work with each participant in this program to process outside stressors and reduce anxiety in an age appropriate way. Participants in this program will get a great workout while also practicing great self care to become a more confident athlete! The class structure is explained below:

  • Welcome and Check-in: Kim will begin each class with an introduction where she will give a brief talk about mindfulness. Participants will get to check in with their current state of mind and relax before beginning the workout. Each class will have a unique intention to keep connected to throughout the remainder of the class.
  • Warm-up with Breath Work: Breath work can both warm the body before entering into a workout while also boosting one's mood. Kim will lead participants through breathing exercises designed to warm up the swimmers both physically and mentally for the workout to come.
  • Dryland Sequence: Most of the class will be a yoga/pilates style workout designed to increase strength and flexibility while focusing greatly on core work. Flow through challenging exercises and postures with Kim as she ensures that the participants maintain excellent form.
  • Cool Down and Meditation: As the class begins to come to an end, Kim will guide the participants through a short meditation to calm the mind and build confidence.
  • Class Closing: Kim will end the class with a quote or story to send off the participants feeling inspired as they go about their day. Participants are also welcome to ask Kim questions before leaving the class.

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