Comprehensive Starts & Underwaters Swim Camp

Weston Middle School Pool
135 School Rd, Weston, CT 06883

  • 4days
  • 04hours
  • 25minutes
  • 31seconds


Fitter & Faster is producing a 2-day swim camp for competitive swimmers ages 10 & over at the Weston Middle School Pool in Weston, Connecticut on June 15 & 16, 2024!

DAY 1 (Saturday, June 15): The Fifth Stroke - Underwaters
DAY 2 (Sunday, June 16): Fast Starts!

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-> Availability in each session is limited to ensure the highest level learning experience.
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SESSION START TIMES FOR BOTH DAYS: Check in 8:45 AM, Camp 9-11:45 AM

Suggested Participants

Our top priority is to provide a world-class learning experience for all participants at all of our camps. This camp has sessions for swimmers ages 10 & older. Participants will range from one-year of competitive swimming experience to AAAA times and faster. If you are the parent of a child under the age of 10 and would like for your child to be considered for the younger sessions of this camp, please complete this questionnaire.



Over 2 days, participants will work with our world-class clinicians to finesse and strengthen the fastest part of every single race: starts, underwater dolphin kicking and breakouts! This sequence is not only the fastest part of every race, but it is also the part of the race in which elite swimmers cover the most ground with the most efficiency.


    In the first session, our Elite Clinicians will work with participants to enhance the fastest sequence for each race lap: streamlines, underwater dolphin kicks & breakouts. Finessing these techniques not only reduces drag and enhances efficiency but also contributes significantly to overall speed and performance in the water!

    • STREAMLINE: The streamline - when done properly - is the fastest a swimmer travels while in the water. Proper streamlines are even faster than underwater dolphin kicking. Even the most elite swimmers in the world are constantly working on improving their streamline. Your swimmer will get tips to improve their streamline and a better appreciation of what they need to do on every single wall in practice and in races.
    • INITIATING UNDERWATER DOLPHIN KICKING: Top age group and elite swimmers maximize their streamline on every single lap. They don’t start their underwater dolphin kicking while they’re still achieving maximum speed in their streamline! They also don’t want to start the underwater dolphin kicking after their streamline has begun to slow. Your swimmer is going to learn how to time when to begin their underwater dolphin kicking.
    • POWERFUL UNDERWATER DOLPHIN KICKING: There are a few different techniques that swimmers use when underwater dolphin kicking. The common theme of these techniques is that the best swimmers kick up and down with equal power. We will show your swimmer the different techniques that elite swimmers use and teach them how to implement.
    • NUMBER OF UNDERWATER DOLPHIN KICKS: Figuring out the optimal number of kicks off each wall, for each race, is essential to fast swimming. Elite swimmers want to spend only the absolute necessary amount of time underwater to establish speed with each length. They want to avoid losing their breath and taking weak kicks.
    • BREAKOUTS: Many swimmers add movement within their breakout that creates drag and destroys all of the speed created during their underwaters. Participants will work on timing their breakouts to explode into each lap.

    Day 2 (Sunday, June 16): FAST STARTS

    In this session, swimmers will work on executing fast starts and carrying momentum through their breakouts. The skill of generating explosive power at the start while effortlessly integrating the skills developed on day 1 will give swimmers a distinct competitive edge!

    • BLOCK STARTS: To ensure an explosive start, a swimmer needs to set themselves up properly on the block. The elite clinicians will work with participants on the optimal positioning of your swimmer’s entire body to allow for a quick reaction time and optimal speed.
    • WATER ENTRY: Starting the race with a smooth entry into the water will boost your swimmer's speed and carry the momentum generated off the block or wall. Becoming skilled at the water entry is crucial for any start and significantly contributes to your swimmers' overall race!
    • UNDERWATERS & BREAKOUTS REINFORCEMENT: Since fast underwaters & breakouts are crucial for every start and turn, our clinicians will work with your swimmer on reinforcing the key skills learned on day 1!
    • BACKSTROKE STARTS: During this session, swimmers will work closely with elite clinicians to actively learn and practice high-performance backstroke starts. Participants will refine their foot, arm, and body positions, focusing on the technique of powering off the wall with an arched form to seamlessly slice through the water with maximum efficiency.
    • RELAY EXCHANGES: In relays, reaction time is crucial! At this camp your swimmer will learn skills that the best swimmers in the world use to time the “exchange” just right! If we react too quickly, we’ll start before the other swimmer finishes - and we’ll get disqualified. If we start too slow, we can lose our positioning in a race! Learning the proper technique for a well-timed start and an explosive relay dive will make your swimmer a valuable teammate.
    • FINISHES: Races are won and lost by hundredths-of-a-second at every swim meet. Many races come down to the last few strokes. At this camp, your swimmer will learn techniques to set themselves up for a well-timed finish about 10 yards from the wall. A well-timed finish is also a valuable attribute for swimmers competing on relays so that the next person can time their start with precision.


    Swimmers and parents are invited to ask the clinicians questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into their training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.


    Observe clinicians swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast swimming.


    Throughout the camp, swimmers will practice what they've learned with some of the world's most elite Swimmer Clinicians and coaches!

    Take a photo, get autographs, and chat with your clinicians!

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    • 4days
    • 04hours
    • 25minutes
    • 31seconds
    Lead Clinicians

    Dillon Hillis, a two-time NCAA Division I Champion from the University of Florida, is an enthusiastic student of the sport says, "Understanding swimming from a fundamental perspective has allowed me to achieve some of my largest goals. There is always more to learn and grow from."

    Yemeni swimmer Mokhtar Al-Yamani competed in the 2020 Olympic Games! Mokhtar competed collegiately at the University of Michigan, specializing in freestyle. Mokhtar has a solid knowledge base on swimming mechanics and how to help your swimmer understand different concepts that will make them swim faster! Don't miss the chance to learn from 2020 Olympian Mokhta Al-Yamani! Sign up for a camp with Mohktar today!