Interactive, Online Dryland Program

Past Clinic: Athletic Performance and Strength Training for Swimmers: Age 15 & Over (2)

Mon, Apr, 27 2020 - Sat, May, 23 2020

Interactive, Online Dryland Program

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Past Clinic

Event Detail

Small Session Strength Training for Swimmers – Save by signing up for the full four-week program!

*** This online program is designed specifically for only 12 swimmers ages 15 & Older

Receive feedback and improve your strength with this dry-land program!  Participants will refine and perfect exercises and skills used by elite athletes to improve athletic performance both in and out of the pool. Participants in this program will work with one of the most accomplished strength and conditioning trainers in America who has worked with many Olympians and world record holders to build more strength, improve athleticism, and prevent injury.

Swimmers who complete this program can expect to walk away stronger and more athletic swimmers ready to race fast once they’re back in the water.

Each week will have a different focus along with building strength:

  • Week 1: Core Stability and Strength
  • Week 2: Explosive Power and Strength
  • Week 3: Endurance and Strength
  • Week 4: Athleticism, Coordination and Strength

This program will include:

  • 8 workouts – 2 each week
  • 12 participants maximum
  • Each class is one hour long
  • Specific for swimmers ages 15 & Over
  • Participants will be given suggestions for extra conditioning to do on the days that there is no live online class
  • Re-watch your class.  Every class will be recorded and sent to participants so you can listen to Lee’s tips, advice and instructions over again.
  • Schedule: Every Monday 7 to 8 PM EST and Saturday 3 to 4 PM EST

Each class will be designed and led by Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Lee. He has trained and is currently training many elite athletes including Olympic gold medalists and world record holders! He played important roles in the training of SwimMac’s Team Elite, The Chinese Swimming Association, and LA Current in the ISL. Swimmers will greatly benefit from his enthusiasm and knowledge of making great swimmers even better.

Sign up for one week or SAVE by signing up for the whole 4 week, 8 session program!

Suggested Participants

Swimmers ages 15 & older. No equipment necessary – weights are strongly encouraged to increase resistance.



Each week, this dryland program will emphasize 4 key areas of strength training for swimmers. Swimmers can expect an intense workout that will target the specific muscles required to swim fast. All exercises will be age specific for high school and beyond athletes to develop skills and proper form. Coach Sommers will be able to see all of the participants and provide valuable instruction and feedback throughout the class. At the end of the 4 week program, swimmers will feel stronger, be stronger and have a deeper understanding of the value of applying proper technique when exercising!

  • Week 1 - Core Stability and Strength: This week's workouts will focus on the abdominal muscles, back, and obliques - otherwise known as the CORE! A strong core is imperative to swim with a fast and connected stroke. The fastest swimmers in the world work endlessly on building core strength, balance, and stability. It's the foundation of every stroke, start, and turn. Practice and improve upon the key exercises that elite swimmers do their entire careers to build these key muscles and skills.
  • Week 2 - Explosive Power and Strength: Create dynamic power to explode off every start and turn! The workouts this week will be all about jumps and powerful quick movements to develop the fast twitch muscles. These exercises are so important to build faster reaction times for more speed during key points in every race.
  • Week 3 - Endurance and Strength: Your swimmer will push themselves to their limits this week with longer rep counts and holds. This workout is not only important for the physical demands of longer workouts and races, but also for the mental component learning how to push through fatigue. Working on endurance is important no matter what distance your swimmer prefers and can help with every event.
  • Week 4 - Athleticism, Coordination, and Strength: Better athletes on land will lead to better athletes in the water. This week, Coach Lee will work with swimmers to practice dynamic and compound movements to build athleticism and coordination. Your swimmer will challenge their brain while challenging their body by practicing movements that develop very specific and important connections in your swimmer's brain.

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