2022 Louisville, KY Swim Camp Series for 11 & Under Swimmers!

Blairwood Tennis, Swim & Fitness Club
9300 Blairwood Access Way, Louisville, KY 40222

  • 115days
  • 12hours
  • 26minutes
  • 31seconds


Fitter & Faster is producing two, 2-day camps in May and September, 2022 in Louisville, KY! This web page is specifically for the sessions for swimmers ages 11 & under. Click here for the sessions for swimmers ages 12 & over.

     -> DAY 1: High Performance Freestyle Technique
     -> DAY 2: Sprinting Freestyle

     -> DAY 1: High Performance Butterfly Technique 
     -> DAY 2: High Performance Breaststroke Technique 

Click the “Curriculum Menu” below for details on each camp! Session sizes are limited to only 24 participants to allow for the best learning experience.

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Freestyle Comprehensive Racing Camp
High Performance Freestyle, Turns & Sprinting - MAY 21 & 22,2022
Butterfly Comprehensive Rancing Camp
Butterfly and Breaststroke Technique Camp - SEPTEMBER 10 & 11, 2022
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Freestyle Comprehensive Racing Camp

High Performance Freestyle, Turns & Sprinting - MAY 21 & 22,2022

Freestyle is the first stroke that many swimmers often learn first. Since your swimmer has been swimming it the longest, it might seem as though they don't need to work on the details anymore. This is NOT TRUE! Even the world's best swimmers work on their strokes regularly. By focusing on your freestyle technique, you can work on creating a more efficient and powerful stroke. Once you have a solid stroke foundation, you can build your swims up by adding sprinting and faster turns. Making small changes to your swimming can result in BIG time drops! Work with our world-class clinicians to develop and cultivate solid habits for faster swims!

  • DAY 1: HIGH PERFORMANCE FREESTYLE TECHNIQUE (May 21): Our clinicians will be in the water and on deck leading participants through a freestyle drills These skills will deepen their understanding of each part of the stroke and help create good habits for fast and efficient freestyle techniques.
  • Bodyline: Swimmer’s freestyle will never be fast without a strong bodyline. Participants will reinforce good posture and engage their core to have a strong foundation for a faster freestyle.
  • Rotation: Freestyle should not be swum with flat and static hips. When an athlete swims flat, they are bulldozing through the water AND they're losing stroke power because their catch and kick become limited. A swimmer's fastest freestyle comes when their body is rotating around their spine with each stroke. Participants will learn to utilize their rotation to form a powerful connection from head to toe with every stroke.
  • Kick: A fast kick is the motor behind a swimmer's stroke! Participants will polish up their kicking to become stronger and faster through learning about both the technique and timing of each kick.
  • Pull: The best swimmers in the world utilize an early vertical forearm to put immediate pressure back on the water, also known as "the catch". The clinicians will work with swimmers on how to get the maximum extension and a powerful finish to the stroke.
  • Breath: Timing is everything! The clinicians will work with the participants on how to make each breath more efficient for faster freestyle racing no matter what distance.
  • DAY2: SPRINTING FREESTYLE (May 22): Swimmers ages 12 & under are fortunate to still have 50's to race in every stroke at just about every swim meet! Now is the time for young swimmers to establish and cultivate habits to swim their shorter races as fast as possible with good technique that will position them for success as they mature.
  • Length of Stroke: Lengthening their stroke will enable your swimmer to “catch” and hold onto more water to propel them as they swim. Whereas a short stroke is inefficient and not sustainable for very long. The clinicians will work with participants on this important skill for fast swimming.
  • Tempo: When sprinting short races young swimmers often tend to take too many strokes (“spin their wheels”) and not “hold onto the water”. At this camp we will find the appropriate tempo to maximize their own personal speed.
  • Walls, Walls, Walls!: Approaching the wall at top speed in preparation for the fastest turn is vital. Swimmers will work on techniques to get in and out of every wall faster!
  • Flip Turns: Flip turns are an opportunity for your swimmers to increase momentum in the middle of a race! Flip turns in which the athletes slow down or have “mechanical” movements negatively impact the speed at which a swimmer comes off the wall. We will work with your swimmer to produce fast flip turns so that they can explode off the walls at maximum speed.
  • Sprinting Application: Swimmers at this session will work on applying their newly developed skills during racing scenarios. As with all the other segments of this camp, the clinicians will provide feedback for your swimmer to take home and apply at upcoming practices and meets.
Butterfly Comprehensive Rancing Camp

Butterfly and Breaststroke Technique Camp - SEPTEMBER 10 & 11, 2022

Butterfly and breaststroke utilize similar body position, “undulating” movements, and an early “catch” to get across the pool with efficiency and speed. They are called the “short axis” strokes because swimmers do not rotate their body at the spine, as is done in freestyle and backstroke. Rather in butterfly and breaststroke, swimmers bend at the hips to generate power and forward momentum. Over two days, your swimmer, no matter their level, will improve their butterfly and breaststroke technique, racing and training skills!

  • DAY 1: HIGH PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLY TECHNIQUE (Sept 10): At the highest level of swimming, butterfly is the second fastest stroke and beautiful to watch because of its rhythmic and powerful strokes. There are some complexities to establishing a smooth, rhythmic fly, but with practice and attention to detail your swimmer can master the stroke and begin swimming it for longer distances and at very fast speeds!
  • Bodyline: A butterfly race is going to be fastest with a proper bodyline. Even the slightest adjustment of the chin, neck, and/or back can make a huge difference. As swimmers mature in the sport and grow physically, their body position shifts and bad habits can emerge. Participants will learn and practice proper posture and engagement of their core to have a strong foundation for better technique - creating a full-body connection for more hydrodynamic and efficient butterfly strokes.
  • Kick: Each butterfly stroke has two kicks to propel the swimmer towards the other end of the pool! If the kicks are properly timed and equally strong, they can positively impact your swimmer’s efficiency and stroke timing! Your swimmer will work on how and when to kick in butterfly for maximum speed.
  • Pull: Long and smooth strokes allow swimmers to have a more efficient and fluid butterfly. The pull in butterfly keeps a swimmer accelerating forward. Your clinicians will work with participants to establish an early vertical forearm, “the catch”, enabling the swimmers to put immediate pressure back on the water. Properly completing the stroke keeps the swimmer moving forward efficiently and fast.
  • Timing: The timing of the breath in butterfly has a direct relationship on a swimmer’s body position, pull, kick and TIMES! At this camp, we will work with participants on breathing with their chin low to the water... and WHEN to breathe in their stroke cycle so that they develop the most efficient stroke possible!
  • DAY 2: HIGH PERFORMANCE BREASTSTROKE TECHNIQUE (Sept 11): At the highest level of swimming, breaststroke has the most varied technique. Out of the eight finalists at the Olympic Games, you might see eight different styles of breaststroke! A swimmer's timing and ability to eliminate resistance are hallmarks of an efficient and powerful breaststroker. No matter your swimmer’s level, this session will strengthen their technique and lead to faster and more efficient breaststroke races… and faster IM’s!
  • Bodyline: A breaststroke race is going to be fastest with a proper bodyline. Even the slightest adjustment of the chin, neck, and/or back can make a huge difference. Elite breaststrokers focus on minimizing drag by “catching water” on their hands and feet as quickly as possible, so they can shoot back into a “straight bodyline” where they can glide at top speed.
  • Kick: The kick creates a lot of the power in breaststroke. Swimmers need to keep their knees high in the water and snap their feet quickly around and back to create a powerful kick. Our clinicians will work with participants to strengthen their kick for the ultimate propulsion forward!
  • Pull: The name of the game in breaststroke is to create as much propulsion as possible in the pull while minimizing resistance… and then quickly getting back into a straight bodyline to establish a high speed glide. Participants at this session will focus on setting up a proper "catch" and keeping their hands and elbows high on the water throughout the entire pull. The techniques your swimmer will practice will minimize resistance and enable them to maintain forward momentum for the fastest breaststroke.
  • Timing: Fast, flowing breaststroke is the result of proper timing between a swimmer’s hands and feet. Establishing proper timing in your swimmer’s breaststroke will allow for more fluidity, power and speed. Participants in this session will learn how elite swimmers time their breaststroke for ultimate efficiency and the fastest races.


  •  Ages 11 & under: Check in 10 AM, Camp: 10:15-12:45 PM
Suggested Participants: This camp is designed for swimmers with a minimum of one-year of competitive swimming experience all the way up to AAAA times and faster. Swimmers younger than 9 years old are not invited without submitting their times or swimming history to Fitter and Faster.


Swimmers and parents are invited to ask the clinicians questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into their training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.


Observe clinicians swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast swimming.


Swimmers will get to practice what they've learned by taking their stroke to your top speed with some of the best swimmers and coaches in the world! They'll work on holding onto their form while challenging themselves.

Take a photo with the clinicians, get autographs, and ALL PARTICIPANTS receive a FREE Fitter and Faster GIFT!

Lead Clinicians

American and World Record holder Ali DeLoof is a sprint backstroker who relies on the precision of her technique to race fast! She will teach your swimmer technique for faster racing as well as the importance of perseverance to be successful. Learn from Ali and sign up TODAY!

Dax Hill is a very experienced Freestyler who swam under Eddie Reese at University of Texas. Dax has maximized his long powerful stroke over the span of his career and his middle distance freestyle has shown it. He comes to the sport with a different eye as a 3x NCAA Champion, one that is well versed athletically, as well as disciplined to technicality. Dax makes a great clinician to partner with while learning the fine details of swimming technique and overall character.

Inquisitive, Educated Swimmers are Faster Swimmers! Sign up today!