Will Pisani


Birthday: July 25, 1997
Height: 6’4″
Hometown: Palm Beach, FL
College: Florida State University
Coach: Neal Studd


  • 2x All-American
  • NCAA Qualifier and FSU school record holder
  • Member of the 13th place 4×100-m free relay team at the 2019 FINA World Championship
  •  2018 50-m freestyle Canadian national champion


What makes our sport so exhilarating? Is it the camera bulbs sparkling in a packed arena? The white water trail chasing the world champion to a new record? Is it the rush of getting a best time, or the daily grind of practice?

According to Will Pisani, the core of all of these special moments is the elusive nature of “perfect technique.” 

There are a lot of ways to go fast in swimming, and a lot of different great techniques. If everyone had the same perfect technique, we would have 8 people tying at the Olympics, and that’s just not exciting! Always have an open mind, and be ready to learn something new or something you’re not used to. It might just be what takes your swimming to the next level!

You may be more shocked to learn that failure is a valuable part of achieving this “perfection.”

I have a lot of stories I share with my kids during camp, and most of them revolve around failure. Failure doesn’t mean much if you do not learn from it, which is always something I stress during my camps. In fact, I joke with my kids and say, ‘If I didn’t have all these stories and lessons about failure–and its importance in teaching you guys–you might all know my name!’

Don’t let his humble humor fool you, however. Will is quite the rockstar in the pool and on deck– largely due to these teaching moments. What sets him apart as an instructor is his unique journey in achieving greatness, greatness that was earned step by step, piece by piece. 

I was never a major natural talent in swimming. All of my achievements are earned with a lot of hard work and dedication. This means that I have a unique position to be able to teach swimmers things that I had to learn myself, rather than just having it from the start. I can relate to not understanding a concept in swimming, and I have all sorts of fun strategies and drills to ensure my athletes understand the ‘how’ and ‘why,’ not just the ‘what.’

Drawing from his own experiences, Will hopes to unveil every swimmer’s rags-to-riches story, no matter where their baseline lies. 

The experiences a clinician has had throughout their swimming has major impacts on the way they coach and teach. For myself, I was always good at swimming, but I was never the best. My first year in college I did not make my conference/ championship team. By the time I finished at FSU, I was a multi-time ACC champion as well as a multi-time Canadian national champion. I was able to make these gains because I learned the importance of technique, body line, and the importance of our minds! These are some of the important lessons I stress during my camps.

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