Tommy Brewer


Birthday: September 19, 1996
Height: 6’6″
Hometown: Bend, Oregon
School: Auburn University


2018 All-American in the 200 breast
2018 Second Team All-SEC
Two-time Olympic Trials Qualifier (2012 & 2016)
NCAA individual qualifier


These days, when Tommy Brewer isn’t in the cross-fit gym, you can find him mailing out applications for physical therapy programs. A recent Auburn University grad, Tommy has used his newfound freedom to pursue other vast interests outside the pool, but his time in swimming hasn’t quite come to a close.

“I’ve always found such joy in the sport of swimming, and it has led me to places I never thought possible. It’s time for me to give back to the sport that has given me so much, and get kids excited about a potentially great opportunity they may not even realize is there.”

Using Fitter and Faster as a medium for achieving this goal, Tommy yearns to impart his wisdom and passion on the next generation of athletes. A self-proclaimed “swim nerd,” Tommy is looking to close his chapter of competitive swimming while becoming an agent in other people’s success. With such selfless devotion to the sport, Tommy is able to connect with participants on a personal level, while also arming them with tricks of the trade he has picked up along the way (courtesy of some of the most seasoned coaches in swimming).

“I really do enjoy the sport and teaching kids about it. There’s nothing like zooming in on those fine details and watching a swimmer have that moment of ‘oh my goodness; I finally understand it.’ If I can give that experience back to even one kid, I will have done my job.”

Possessing a unique approach to coaching, Tommy believes in establishing a clean technical foundation before diving into training. By honing in on the small details, Tommy hopes to revolutionize participants’ practices far beyond the clinic, creating a perfect base for them to carry back to their hometown pools.

“It’s best to work up from the small details to the bigger picture. Training can’t work for you unless it has been corrected, so I like to start with the small critiques and work outward.”

Viewing swimming as a syncopated, full-body movement, Tommy seeks to push back on traditional methods for breaking down stroke mechanics. Describing swimming as a sort of “flow,” Tommy chooses to engage the body as a cohesive whole instead of separate parts.

“Swimming is all about connection. If you can connect the whole body from your head to your toes, the easier it will be. It’s not just about what your arms and legs are doing, but how the whole body is creating that flow.”

In addition to his novel ideas about technique, Tommy is an effective communicator with a passion for teaching. Hoping to get swimmers to “invest in the process” by showing them a relatable, attainable picture of elite swimming, Tommy draws from his own experiences to further color his participants’ perceptions of the sport.

“For me, the best coaches were the ones I had a great relationship with. I want to build that even during the short time I have in a clinic. Most of all, I want swimmers to know that you get out what you put into the sport, and you should be having fun along the way.”

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