Santiago Grassi


Birthday:September 15, 1996
Height: 6’2″
Hometown: Santa Fe, Argentina
ISL Team: LA Current
College: Auburn University
Coach: Gary Taylor


  • 2016 Olympian in 100m butterfly (Argentina), 2017 and 2019 World Championships
  • 7x All-American
  • 2x bronze medalist at 2019 Pan-American Games  (4×100 m medley, 4×100 mixed medley)


“I like our sport because you decide how far you want to go, how far you want to push yourself.”

Santiago Grassi touts the autonomy afforded to athletes by swimming, “I can’t expect to be an Olympic athlete if I don’t train like one. I can’t be the best on my team if I don’t train like that.”

On the macro scale, it’s simple math, but Santi knows all too well the intricate nature of our sport. Is there such a thing as trying too hard? Caring too much? Are the three pillars of swimming hard work, discipline, and…fun?

According to elite clinician Santi, yes, yes, and yes. 

“In the past two years, I realized I was training too hard, but when it came to racing, I was too nervous. I was putting too much pressure on my back, expecting to do well because of all of the hard work I put in, but at one meet, I tried to enjoy the race and trust the process. Ever since, I have enjoyed my races, swimming good times, and bringing motivation to my career.”

While Santi hopes that swimmers commit to their ambitious, long-term goals, he also encourages athletes to be present at each step along the journey. With a view from the top of the sport, Santi is able to offer a unique and wise perspective to up-and-coming swimmers.

“Being an Olympian is fun, but it’s not the best part. The best parts are the things that happened in the process of becoming an Olympian: the limits I have pushed, the friends I have met, and the experiences I have had.” 

A humbled teacher, Santi does not take his role on deck lightly. Feeling an intense responsibility to enrich young athletes’ experiences within the sport, Santi adopts an eclectic approach, one that educates the entire person.  

“I like to build relationships when I teach. I always try to make my swimmers feel like they can trust me, and because of that, I can’t let them down.”

Santi is yet to come up short in this promise. Emphasizing body line, underwaters, and catch, Santi tackles the basics before moving into detail work. In fact, Santi is not far removed from being a student of these fundamentals himself, something he hopes to help his swimmers master early on.

“I was a good long course swimmer when I came to college, but I quickly had to learn the power of underwaters and how to use them. It took me some time to figure it out; I want kids to learn when they are young–not like me!”

These experiences give Santi a unique sense of empathy and closeness with his learners; one would be hard-pressed to find a teacher as dedicated as Santi! Merging his intensity with kind delivery, Santi is the perfect clinician to get your swimmer more motivated than ever. All he asks is that you “not only bring your body, but also your mind, so we can work on details.”

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Santi’s Reviews

Santi Grassi was outstanding! He was very clear, watched each child, and had a great command of the group! Both of my children learned so much! His drills were simple, yet focused on speed in starts and turns…so critical to develop good technique! Only wish he took time to share more about his career with the kids! We will look for another clinic with Santi next year! – Laura in Easton, PA

THANK YOU Santiago for an awesome clinic on turns. Your clear instructions and breakdown of the steps were perfect. THANK YOU to Santiago and Nicole for providing super helpful feedback! The two of you worked great as a team in providing individual attention and feedback. The impact is immediate and huge! – Easton, PA

[Santiago Grassi] was incredible. He broke things down into easier steps which he explained and demonstrated. He learned the kids’names quickly and offered individual corrections/recommendations throughout the session. Amazing! Well worth the $ and the 5 hour drive each way! – Jayla in Kalispell, MT

Santiago is a born teacher and learned the names of each participant. He gave one on one instruction for each one also. They all received tailored instruction and watched demonstrations from the instructor but also peers that where chosen to demonstrate. It all worked together to keep the swimmers engaged and focused on the skills he was teaching. – Kim in Kalispell, MT