Piankhi Gibson 


Birthday: August 29th, 1992
Height: 6’1”
Hometown: Oakland, CA
College: Auburn University 
Coach: Paul Stafford, Brett Hawke


  • Founder of AQUABRED
  • Consult to Domestic & international team members, Olympic swimmers & aqua trainer to Multiple professional athletes
  • Featured in ESPN, the Athletic & swimswam


Piankhi Gibson is one of our most articulate clinicians, as a founder of Aquabred, an underwater workout program he developed at Auburn University. 

As a former swimmer at Auburn, Piankhi has formulated benefits and the power of harnessing underwater technique to enhance strength in the sport of swimming. His findingings with Aquabred were shared on SwimSwam, ESPN and other networks.

Gibson makes a great clinician as both a former swimmer as well as a fitness coach. He has also worked very closely with Brett Hawke who is notoriously another one of our clinicians at Fitter and Faster, and former coach with Auburn University. 

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